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Thread: Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.

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2011-10-27 00:01:22
to be honest man this is all a little above my head. i let nistune do all the work an calculations for me.. then i tune the map from there, i've never had any issues this way.

this is why i dont like chips, real time is so much easier to play with
2011-10-27 00:21:38
yeah i know. it really wouldn't even be that bad if i had my own burner. cause then i could try my ideas easier. i want nistune but it's expensive and at this point i don't know enough "YET" to use it to it's full advantage if i had it.
2011-10-27 00:24:31
on the other hand i did load that bin up you sent me an it seems fine, i only drove the car a little bit with it tho.. i've been tinkering with my truck lately lol
2011-10-27 00:30:31
did you check the afr's? cause it runs great! the car was fast as crap! but the afr's are lean.
2011-10-27 00:35:18
no i gotta get the wideband out of my gf's car lol
2011-10-27 00:40:28
damn! lol cause if you had the same conclusion then i think i have the right plan in place. i'm thinking that the k-value you used before worked becuase it was for the bigger maf or what ever the correlation of the two is.
2011-10-27 00:43:21
tbh man i had 12.5 steady afr's with the regular alfred.bin and the lesstiming.bin with de maf and n60 maf.

if i can get some gas in my gf's car i'll slap that new intake tube on an try to dial in the afr's on her car, then i'll take the wb out an put it in my car an do some testing.
2011-10-27 01:01:37
thanks that would help.
2011-11-04 02:23:05
alfred aggressive theory bin used today! It works great i guess my theory was correct!!!!!! Car is damn fast no hiccups at low throttle. and very smooth an liner threw the rpm range!!! Thanks everyone that has helped me get this done! lynch u gotta try this bin!
2011-11-04 02:24:02
send it over
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