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Thread: Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.

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2010-11-19 01:00:19
Well, i did not measured AFR, didnt even saw it. His friend did quick AFR test saying its pretty rich. Car has high gas consuption, doesnt make max. speed easily too. What else should cause very rich condition? Bad MAF? What about cams not switching?
2010-11-19 01:03:36
not sure man but with out a wideband its hard to tell what the afr's are.. so sayin its rich is kind of far fetched.. he needs to ditch that exhaust, its holding the engine back
2010-12-18 16:06:48
i've been running the n60 alfred bin for a lil while now runs great! changed the plugs they looked good. but don't know what my afr's are still. but just so anyone else that trys it knows the gas mileage is worse like others said i was getting 25 more or less per gallon on the oe maf bin. on this one i only get like 21-23. not a big difference but i drive 25-26 miles to work one way. lol.

thanks lynch for the bin anyway. and squirls for burning it for me.
2010-12-18 18:32:18
It's prob a good sign that it's running rich or you have a heavy right foot.
2010-12-18 18:50:19
i ot 12.5-12.8 afr with the alfred.. also got nearly 30mpg on a road trip an that included some spirited driving around town i prolly got 25ish if i drove like a normal person, but my right foot gets heavy easily, a hot chick, a honda hell even a minivan that's approaching just a little too fast lol.. i gotz to hear that vvl man, i paid for it.. i wanna hear it..

i would feel a lot better if everyone was running the alfred less timing bin till they get to the dyno just because i know i had slight an i do mean slight high load low rpm detonation with the less timing i didn't have any.. there's a ton of timing in that area of the map, why i don't know but I'm not the only one whose noticed..
2010-12-18 21:00:18
i'm runing the one you dropped the timing on. maybe i can get a wideband it tune it. that's a dream though lol.
2010-12-18 22:27:01
$200 Zetronixs has a just a wideband controler the Zt3.
2010-12-19 02:58:09
i can get the AEM one threw my job. i had the AEM one on my ve-t for only 175 just can pull that kinda cash. got more important things to do.
2010-12-19 06:29:28
ahh nice glad your runnin that one

them 14point7 widebands are cheap an look good
2011-03-24 01:08:56
I'm running the less timing bin and the car runs smooth but lean at WOT like in the 15s could shot sparkplugs be the cause of this? Maybe I should delete PCV system and go with a catch can.
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