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Thread: Barber Motorsports

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2015-09-02 21:14:10
Barber Motorsports
This is mourning Qualifier. I owe T-Rex for fast time in ITA. I followed him and set a good lap. Finished 1st in class 5th overall.

2015-09-03 05:06:53
What kind of seats are those?
Nice driving
2015-09-03 15:59:59
My seat is a Sparco FIA. Passenger seat is a ebay.
2015-09-04 15:46:57
One of my favorite tracks. Congrats on qualifying 1st!
2015-09-06 01:38:08
Haven't figured how to load pics yet
2015-09-06 03:18:55
Host them at www.imgur.com and post the URLs here.
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2015-09-10 02:50:46
Pic sitting on grid waiting to race.

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2015-09-10 14:25:08
Great pic. I remember that car from one of the conventions?

If you want to embed the image into the post, you can add IMG tags around the URL like this:


These tags can also be added for you by the Insert Image tool which is found in the toolbar and looks like a small icon of a tree with a black dot on each corner.
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2015-09-10 16:28:47
OK Thanks. We ran track day at AMP. I was having problems with L.front strut that day. It was moving and I didn't know it till we got back and checked alignment.
Last edited by rioredstang on 2015-09-10 at 16-32-00.
2015-09-10 17:50:49
Goofy struts acting goofy? Dang.
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