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Thread: Best brake pads for endurance racing?

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2015-06-23 16:00:57
Best brake pads for endurance racing?
Wanted to see what everyone else out there was running. We've upgraded to the AD22VF setup up front, and while the rotor and caliper is much larger, the pad choice is kind of lacking. We currently run the EBC Yellowstuff, but I don't believe they're designed for endurance. Any suggestions?
2015-06-23 16:02:34
Any pad for a 91-94 Eclipse Turbo will work when you file down the back of the pad where the ears stick out a very small amount.
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2015-06-23 16:06:22
Hawk blue racing pads for 91-93 Turbo Eclipse HB213E.626. Track only pads that will fit the AD22s with a bit of trimming on the top of the pad with a grinder. Tire Rack carries them. They work awesome. Not for street obviously but I have left the blues on in between events and aside from more dust & noise they were fine for street use even though they require more heat to be effective.
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2015-06-23 17:01:47
Hawk Blue is what we were using for the AD22VF when we had the 200sx SE-R

and yes its from the eclipse HB213
2015-06-23 17:05:19
HB213E.626 is the full Hawk Blue part number for the AD22VF (with modification as stated)
2015-06-24 01:31:54
Wow... I'm glad I asked. I don't think you guys could have been more helpful.
2015-06-24 12:01:30
Call Danny Puskar at Carbotech (Carbotech Performance Brakes). He'll guide you to the proper pads.

2016-06-08 02:23:37
I've heard various stories about Hawk Blues eating rotors, but I've seen people more recently say that this isn't an issue? NX rotors are getting scarce, so the fewer I have to replace, the better.

I'm going to be road racing my B13 soon, and am looking for options for pads that are cost effective but do a good job at braking. I've got the AD22VF setup in front, and the larger Maxima setup in the rear, Altima master cylinder w/200sx proportioning valves. LeMons, ChumpCar, etc. Planning to install some brake ducting up front to help keep temps down.
2016-06-08 02:44:53
Happy birthday to this thread last reply, almost.

What kind of pads do you plan on using?

Those rotors are some big thick boys and I have not overheat them but never ran an endurance event either. I used some Raybestos rotor blanks.
2016-06-08 12:31:47
AD22VF rotors getting scarce? I dunno about that... we just order them via rockauto

Hawk blue HB213 FTW!

I tried carbotech ONCE on the AD22VFs and absolutely hated them.. so overpriced and not the bite I expect or want. I couldn't get them off the car fast enough.
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