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Thread: Possibilities of wideband datalogging

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2008-03-01 15:25:41
Possibilities of wideband datalogging
Calum, thought I would bring this over here. I know it's pretty much covered on the other site, but if you wouldn't mind giving a brief synapse, I think it would be good to add over here.

I guess the latest was that you were able to integrate the realime ECU's outputs into logworks, so that you could utilize the Innovate's wideband controller?
2008-03-01 21:21:31
Actually its any consult connection can be piped pretty easily into Innovate's LogWorks. I need to update this.

To answer your e-mail, no problem!
2008-03-02 02:20:13
Nice! Once the car's finished, I need to coordinate with a shop for dyno time, and then we'll see what's the best for you

I'm looking into an Innovate wideband, that's why I had asked, by the way. The UEGO works, but I want logging capabilities, and I'm not sure how to take the RS-232 serial output from AEM, and do anything with it, other than log it in notepad.
2008-03-02 05:03:41
I'm planning on getting the AEM unit soon. Only for the gauge lol.
2008-03-03 03:02:41
I think if you're only wanting it for the gauge, you really should just get the LM-1 or LC-1. They can both use a gauge setup, and Innovate has two really sexy gauges, and one OKAY gauge. The gauge I would plan on running would be the dial type digital gauge.
2008-03-07 21:52:32
aem wide band
a local tuner here has told me that the aem widebands are usually off by two or more points.
2008-03-08 17:17:45
Originally Posted by Dalocsr20
a local tuner here has told me that the aem widebands are usually off by two or more points.

Apparently, I have heard the same story for almost every popular wideband.
2008-03-08 23:03:32
never heard anything bad about innovate
2008-03-10 15:12:03
I like my LM-1 it seems to be working fine for me..
2008-08-19 19:43:14
I went with the LC1 with the guage best bang for the buck...
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