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Thread: Nismo Goodies

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2008-07-12 20:41:06
Nismo Goodies
Just letting everyone know, I now carry Nismo and Nissan Motorsports Products too. I can get stuff for other Nissans too, just ask.

555cc or 740cc Nismo Injectors (set of 4) - $520 plus shipping
B13 Front Motor mount - $45 + shipping
B13 Transmission Torque Mount - $55 + Shipping
Exhaust Bushings - $17.50 + shipping (on backorder)
Adjustable FPR $130 Shipped
62C Thermostat $60 Shipped
Radiator Cap 18.2 PSI $35 Shipped
B14 lower tie bar $160 shipped
Exhaust Hanger $20 Shipped (on backorder)
2008-07-14 05:43:34
what kind of nismo parts for B13 do you carry Im very interested

2008-07-14 07:00:49
Can you get the nismo exhaust bushings and if so how much?
2008-07-14 21:10:25
if your talking about the urethane exhaust hangers there is no reason to get the nismo ones unless rob can get a hella good deal. you can find them in packs of 2 on ebay for $12.

not trying to steal robs business but i dont want him waisting time to get stuff that can be had much cheaper else were.......not to mention he likely would make very very little money on them if any.
2008-07-14 22:04:27
lol no problem Pete, I already told someone that nismo hangers aren't worth it. Since Nismo isn't yet fully incorporated in the US, it is still tough getting some of the parts, and anything that is JDM would take 6-8 weeks to get here, including those hangers when I checked them by part number.

I can get all the standard nismo fare
If there is something you are looking for that is Nismo just ask me, I can probably find it.
2008-07-14 22:06:24
Any shots of the knobs?
2008-07-14 23:02:20
Do you have any left over GTi-R motor mounts?
2008-07-15 00:57:56
Originally Posted by Robchaos

Adjustable FPR 6 weeks wait minimum
740cc injectorsI've been waiting for a set for 6 weeks now, they're 163 on still backorder
Radiator capsI think this is a 6-8 weeks too
ThermostatsI think this is a 6-8 weeks too

I've ordered a few of these the last couple of weeks and I can tell you right now how long some will take. check in red.
2008-07-15 01:01:10
gooooood rob... we'll be ordering some soon....
2008-07-15 01:53:51
Originally Posted by Keo
I've ordered a few of these the last couple of weeks and I can tell you right now how long some will take. check in red.

I did mention that in one of my posts. Certain Nismo parts are still only available from japan and can take 6-8 weeks. There are 2 divisions, Nissan Motorsports and Nismo. Some part numbers can be looked up through A dealers U.S. parts lookup program, and some parts have to be called in and checked. As people inquire about things, I will let them know whether it will be a quick wait, or a month long wait.
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