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Thread: Hose Techniques Silicone Vacuum hose kits

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2009-02-21 22:58:58
Hose Techniques Silicone Vacuum hose kits
Hose Techniques SR20DE Vacuum hose kits:
I can get these in 4 colors, Blue, Black, Red, and Silver.

text 4435366728, call 4105491448 or PM me with a zip code for a price quote shipped for a kit that has enough vacuum line to cover all the emissions systems vacuum lines on the SR20DE and then some.

I can also get couplers, radiator hoses, and other vehicle specific kits.
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2009-03-16 17:09:05
How much with coolant hoses?
2009-03-16 17:15:12
2009-03-16 23:45:48
sorry but as of right now HT does not offer Coolant hoses, I can get turbo elbows, reducers, oil hoses, and vacuum hose/kits.
2009-04-24 04:14:53
Ok its late at night and I just got back from a long drive with my gf from texas. I am officially babying and spending $$$$ on my car because its been so good to me.

Will these hoses bend as in crimp up (bad way)? My problem is the hose from the valve cover to my Place Racing intake tube has to go up and to the left. I found a perfect one from autozone but now I want to replace all my hoses after seeing these hoses. Let me know.

I know the colors are on that picture but how red is the red? LOL
2009-04-24 17:12:49
These hoses are all high quality extrude honed, not an ebay company. It will not replace the breather hose for the valve cover though because that hose sees oil and Silicone is not very oil resistant. The red is pretty close to the sample picture they have. Maybe a touch lighter, but it is red.
2009-06-27 14:04:05
hey pm sent with paypal info for a kit. will this workonve as well
2009-06-27 16:30:55
It had more then enough to cover all the DE emissions lines, so I imagine it would be sufficient for a VE.
2009-07-03 20:55:06
I used this kit on my car and still had plenty of hose left and its definitely worth the money.
2009-07-14 14:56:00
How about hoses for the coolant system? I need a red set.
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