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Thread: Performance Plus 6 speed mount kits

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2015-07-17 00:20:21
yes i would attempt to install them to have proof to my statements of them not fitting on my car
2015-07-17 00:54:03
So if they don't fit then what? Reverse all the work I just did ? I don't have time to go backwards.. it took a few months just to get these mounts ..

I see where all this is going.. I'm done talkin about it.. this Shits not going on my car period.. I'm not willing to roll the dice..

As Zen said mazworx mounts are on the way.. we will go with those.

Sorry Matt.. I like my manifold but not the mounts..
2015-07-17 01:00:12
try them when you have the mazworx ones for backup just want to see if they actually do fit
2015-07-17 01:03:48
What about trying them when you get the Mazworx ones in just to see. This way if they are good you can decide to either go with them, or swap to the mazworx ones, but at least you know that they do indeed work and can just sell which ever you dont decide to go with in confidence. Upside also being you know that Matt has in fact made a workable product. I dont know how much work would be involved in doing that, but at least you can say they tested good or bad confirmed instead of assuming based on how they look as well as being able to sell them off confident they work......

Morgans beat me to it.
2015-07-17 01:20:37
So spending $1900 total to have a contingency plan is acceptable? It's easy to say this and that from the peanut gallery as there is nothing invested or lost. When it comes down to it, the manufacturing process is flawed and that is more than evident. Setting up guides when cutting materials, or even measuring before hand to ensure accurate repeatability is the basics. At the price paid, eyeballing materials before fabrication is completely unacceptable. Use a ruler, some tape, or a grease pencil. Let's assume that these do fit, they simply don't have the fit and finish of a developed and finalized product. That alone is more than enough to justify a refund. Like I said, I'm willing to cover the material costs of these 2 kits but as far as compensation of time, the fabricator had stated himself that he "wasted time." Why should I be on the hook for wasted time? My time is excessively valuable, and I would never dare to waste any of it... Especially if what I'm doing represents my quality of work.

Beyond all of this, let's get into the legalities of this transaction. Kentucky state law states that all retailers must state in clear definable text their return policy to the consumer. As I have never seen nor received any such notification at any point I have the right to pursue this in court to include damages for lost time, travel fees, lodging, food, legal fees, court costs, and of course the original amount. This will be pursued if arbitration through the BBB fails. My legal counsil informs me that this is a clear cut violation of my consumer rights in both California and Kentucky and adding a zero to the original purchase price is about what everything will cost once it's all said and done.
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2015-07-17 13:32:32
You knew exactly what was being shipped. Numerous pictures and updates were posted. You drove me nuts and rushed the hell out of me to get them done because it was the last thing you needed to get the car done. Not in a hurry now though it seems. You do what you think needs to be done but I will not have food taken from my children's mouths over someone being too lazy to fit the mounts on their car. You were given a deep discount because these were the first sets built as well. I don't like the fact that I have an unhappy customer and that is exactly why I send pictures throughout the entire process. You have pictures of them both on and off the car but not a word was said until now. As a matter of fact you were excited to get them from what I remember reading and I was actually looking forward to hearing some feedback on how they felt in the car. So much for that.
2015-07-17 16:32:46
You had stated in the thread yourself that the kits were recently completed and only mocked up before. No pictures what so ever after that, and no pictures of the finalized product as a result. There is no evidence that the kits received were test fitted prior to shipment and no pictures to back up this claim either. You had started yourself that you have the same kit on your car, and as pictured your kit is on your car. Great, that doesn't mean anything for the kits in hand. A one would be excited for a product they ordered in March, only to receive them in July, especially with the gross lack of communication which required administrative involvement. Delivery and inspection of the kits caused has once again caused a delay, this is time lost once again due to your failure to meet the obligations of which you were required which is to manufacture 2 quality 6 speed mount kits, within a reasonable time frame. If I weren't in a rush I wouldn't have shelled out for a competitors mounts immediately after reviewing your product. Once again, if arbitration through the BBB fails, the total cost will far exceed the price of a refund. There were SEVERAL things wrong with this transaction, and really was doubting this before they were ever delivered. I am well within my rights to ask for a refund and pursue further damages in court. You are within your rights to say no, but the state of Kentucky will view this transaction as illegal and will order the refund on top of associated fees. The way you want this to go is entirely up to you. Please re-read your thread,and pms. Also keep in mind that your statements and actions have cost above the original price, mainly the purchase of the transmission side brackets at your recommendation due to failure of fabrication at time of inquiry. Sorry if issuing a refund is taking "food from your children's mouths" but if you learned the basics of business, you would know this statement is either flat out untrue, or you are simply conducting business inappropriately. Using company resources for personal expenditure and gain is the definition of embezzlement. You never involve personal money into a business expense. The discount as stated in PM was not because they were the first kits, we settled on the price based upon buying 2x kits. Payment was sent March 24th with shipment notification on July 1st. If over 3 months of time to complete these was rushing it, then your concept of time compared to every reputable manufacturer or fabricator is highly skewed. Standard wait time for custom made products (of which I have quite a few that are far more complicated to engineer and produce) is 2-3 WEEKS not months.
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2015-07-17 17:59:25
Is he an actual legitimate business or just someone who makes parts on the side?
2015-07-17 18:06:27
Originally Posted by NissanEgg
Is he an actual legitimate business or just someone who makes parts on the side?

Organization Number 0805809
Profit or Non-Profit P - Profit
Company Type KLC - Kentucky Limited Liability Company
Status A - Active
Standing G - Good
State KY
File Date 11/17/2011
Organization Date 11/17/2011
Last Annual Report 6/9/2015
Principal Office 11678 NEW HAVEN RD.
Managed By Members
Registered Agent United States Corporation Agents, Inc.
SUITE 3000
2015-07-17 18:42:52
Hate to play devils advocate, but apart from the cosmetic issue, how can you be 100% sure these don't fit? I'm not very versed on 6 speed mounts however, so not entirety sure how they should "look".
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