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Thread: Performance Plus 6 speed mount kits

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2015-07-16 02:06:42
Performance Plus 6 speed mount kits

In short...
Nothing matches. I can't in good conscience recommend not attempt to install these things on the car.

Refund? NOPE. Why? Not sure, poor business practices? If I were behind my work and represent the business and its attitude towards customers, I would have not offered these for sale to begin as clearly there is no finalization of the product nor ability to produce them consistently and accurately at this time.

Any regard to tolerances? None that I can see.

Anyone else notice the rear motor mount brackets? The one on the left is more crooked than a politician.

Burned for $1000? absolutely.

My recommendation is to steer clear.

Here is from my pm:

Default Re: mounts
Quote Originally Posted by zeneffect
Quote Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
They are all built off of a jig. They'll fit just fine.
I might agree with you, however there is a huge disparity between the parts you sent in just about every dimension and respect.

I will be returning them to you and will be going Mazworx as they are able to produce a consistent proven product.

I expect a full refund for the mount kits as the ones received are of unacceptable quality and workmanship. Please note that I have not made any of the pictures public as I respect that you are running a business and I understand what the consequences of such actions are.

I will not refund your money for a part that you did not even attempt to fit to the car. They were made to order specifically for you because the kits were not complete yet. The bolt holes are all the same regardless of what the outside dimensions are. I have the same exact mounts on my car that were made from the same jig. These are hand made parts and I wasted a TON of time on these and don't plan to make anymore because of the trouble that they have caused me. You saw the pictures both on and off the car before they were shipped. If they were shipped separately you wouldn't even have noticed any differences.
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2015-07-16 02:16:16
Yep that shit is NOT going on my car.. or anyone else's if i can help it..

Shit looks like some highscooler made it in shop class..

I realize these are prototypes but Come on man no 2 things are the same..

If I had only 1 set to look at i prob wouldn't of noticed but since there are 2 sets it's easy to see the fuck ups.. if I had torn my car apart to do the 6 speed conversion I'd be freaking out when the shit didn't fit..

Not happy at all
2015-07-16 02:37:05
fyi mazworx mounts are already purchased as of today. I 100% will not be using any part of these, and obviously I won't be able to sell them so yea, bit of a loss but a lesson learned.
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2015-07-16 02:46:29
You need to understand that the mounts are bolted to a jig and then welded. The bolt holes all line up perfectly where they are supposed to and all the angles are right when bolted up. No two sets will ever be the same as they are all built by hand and not cut from a cnc. The angles that you are referring to that are way off from the side view you can clearly see that the bottom bushing is sitting at an angle and once bolted up it will be straight. These are the same exact mounts that are on my car and the same exact mounts that are plastered all over here and the facebook page. I hate it that you are not happy but I will not refund your money based on your accusations. There are no "fuck ups," for lack of a better term. The mounts work and they do their job. Just because one isn't exactly like the other doesn't mean a thing.

Lynch has had one of my manifolds on his car forever now and even smashed the front of it in an accident and it still works great. I think maybe you both need to go hit another bowl.
2015-07-16 02:57:22
Please reference this picture for an example and keeping in mind the tolerances required to make it work and bolt up.

If the centerline of the bushing is supposed to be parallel with the mounting plane, then the mount on the left will not work. It's about 2 degrees off.

Suggesting I hit a bowl rather than try to work it out with a customer only verifies my suspicion of poor business practices and etiquette. This is no joking matter of which you can assume to speak to a paying customer in such a way. Businesses are lost at such remarks in the real world. That being said...

I'd be willing to eat material costs but once again this does not meet a standard of which I would be comfortable even attempting to use. They have to fit 100% correctly the first time, anything less will fail not only one but two projects and will cause setbacks that cannot be afforded. you are confident in these mounts then you should have no problem re-selling them in brand new never used condition at more than what was originally paid, and I'd be willing to redact this thread.
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2015-07-16 21:13:07
did you try and bolt it onto the car? I think you should bolt them onto the car and report back
2015-07-16 22:09:07
Originally Posted by morgans432
did you try and bolt it onto the car? I think you should bolt them onto the car and report back

I'm more then willing to let you come over an try it for yourself.. I'm not going to tear my car apart just to see if it fits or not.. I don't have the time or space in the shop for a disabled vehicle.. I have other projects..
2015-07-16 23:14:51
so then why are you saying they dont fit if you arent willing and not going to try them on your vehichle? Seems like you dont have the time for the 6 speed swap
2015-07-16 23:45:39
Wanna buy a set?

I'm not going to put garbage on my car.. Look at the pics man .. would you attempt to install this shit?

I have time to do a 6spd swap.. I don't have time to try a 6spd swap that might not work..

We have been compiling parts for this project for almost A year now.. I'm not going to waste 1 second on something that MIGHT fit..
2015-07-17 00:09:43
They fit guys, and they'll hold all the power that you can throw at them.
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