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Thread: Double win of header failure, lengthy story ahead.

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2014-04-09 19:19:53
Double win of header failure, lengthy story ahead.
I have bought a few eBay headers for our SR20 cars. Probably four or five crappy, cheap, eBay headers.

I have had to modify them, some bolted right on, some are worse than others. I don't see many options that are not junk anymore. I went searching for a new replacement for the POS B14 header because the flex pipe became leaky. I know I can take that flex pipe off, and have a new one re-welded. I also know it is much faster and way more conducive to my situation if I simply remove 5 bolts, replace the part, and re-install 5 new bolts and hardware. That is what I wanted to do from the beginning.

So I searched and found this header, here OBX High Temp Coated Hader 91-99 NISSAN NX-2000 2.0L 2PCS

Cheap, coated, $151, and supposedly OBX so I ordered it. It arrives with a series of holes above no. 3 primary.

I tried calling and e-mailing the vendor, SS Accessories upon immediate discovery of this. The item was delivered on 3/20/2014. I opened the box on Saturday, the 22nd and called and left a phone voicemail with SS Accessories. I got no return phone call, ever.

I read the terms and conditions of SS Accessories and they claimed I had to notify the company within 5 days of the issue. I tried to do that and got no reply via e-mail or telephone calls. I still have not, either.

So I wanted to try and see if OBX would help me. A quick Google search gave me a random phone number for OBX that worked. (510) 568-2244 and when I called, I spoke to Peter. He was a bit confused at first but fast to try and seem like he was going to help me with a good deal of lip service but nothing concrete. I got no response, the photos I sent Peter were lost, twice. I resent the photos and my purchasing receipt I got from the vendor.

Today, I had enough and wanted some sort of resolution. The manufacturer, OBX, claims that the only way any kind of service is done either regular warranty or to fix my situation now is to go through the Vendor. After having a rather rude conversation on OBXs part with Peter, I really do not want to continue with this. I asked to speak to a manager or person in charge and Peter was the only one in charge, he pays himself, and he works for himself. (all of those are Peter's word, not mine, because I did ask to speak to someone who signs his paycheck and apparently Peter pays himself). The vendor contacted me via e-mail a few days ago with this response...

"We sent out for what is listed for. If you want to return. You will have to pay for the restocking fee and the product must be in unused condition. Thank you


I replied I am not paying a re-stocking fee for a part that was damaged from the manufacturer. I have since April 5th, received no reply.

I exchanged probably near a dozen emails with the manufacturer and not once did they tell me anything had to be done through the vendor except for today when I called.

The policies of the vendor are here. Super Saver Accessories Store Policy

Peter from OBX tells me I need to respect the vendors request for a 25% restocking fee ($37.75) plus the cost of shipping back a rather large and heavy box. Either I pay that and have the issue addressed and they send out a new one once I return the old one. I really have a hard time spending anymore money when I received a part that left a manufacturing facility defective, only to pass that defective part onto a consumer and force them into a situation.

At this point, I think I will cut all ties with trying to have this fixed the proper way, and have a good old forum friend weld the primary part of the header up, install the flex pipe section on my B14 and call it a day. Because right now, I am driving it pretty much open header at this point. Very annoying and even more embarrassing than driving a twenty year old shitbox with rust all over the place and floods in the trunk when it rains.

However, I strongly suggest no one buy anything from Super Saver Accessories or OBX Racing Sports, ever.

So, I know folks are making SR20VE header, but hwo about someone makes a staple in the SR20 community and create a very simple, SR20DE header that will bolt-in to any chassis and have the three possible provisions, EGR, front o2 sensor, and the AIV on the header.

@Doug Fab @nismo_star Any of you kind gentlemen able to help out a fella?
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-04-09 at 21-31-25.
2014-04-09 21:07:10
That sucks. What about getting some liquid concrete or whatever for the exterior of the holes if your stuck with it?
2014-04-09 21:29:13
Since this is coated, it makes it more of a PITA. I need to remove all the coating around the affected area, clean it, re-weld it, and re-spray with some sort of coating.

A true testament to OBX quality and customer service.

Anyone wanna make an SR20DE header for us?
2014-04-10 18:08:35
Ive never ever said anything bad about products- nor try to knock manufacturers products- but this is the EXACT reason why I absolutley WILL NOT buy anything Megan, Mishimoto, or OBX Racingsport- Ill even go out on a limb and see about Mishimotos silicone coolant hoses but ive heard some horror stories there too. This crappy customer service and inferior products is why Im now paranoid against them. I know sometimes things happen even on awesome parts but at least they have the customer service and warranty to back them up. I still have my classic Hotshot header still on- little surface rust- but all in all still functioning with NO LEAKS. This really sucks that this happened to you dude- I hope you get something out of it. People work hard for their money too.
2014-04-10 18:36:24
Wow! I have no words to describe those pics.
2014-04-10 18:38:13
After yesterday, I was pretty heated. After a discussion with the Old Man about it, we don't see any use of paying more than half I spent on the header to get a new one. That is pointless.

Cutting our losses and writing this one off to experience. I can fix my situation today just as easily I could have when I received the beat-ass part a few weeks ago.

Fuck OBX and Fuck Super Saver Accessories.

Why no one in this community with the amount of talent, skill, and access to fabrication devices and there is no header that could replicate the good old Hotshot type of a header that accepts all three provisions of USDM cars. (EGR, front O2 sensor, and the AIV)

I know that everyone is scared to try and start it up (business adventure in Sentra/G20 aftermarket parts) but after seeing a few SR20VE headers being made, and turbo manifolds for T2 frame turbos being made, but there is still not a basic SR20DE header. Makes baby jesus cry.
Last edited by Kyle on 2014-04-10 at 18-41-06.
2014-04-10 18:44:47
Even if someone decides to make a header for the FWD SR20DE, how many people apart from yourself would buy it?? It's either most go turbo SR or VE. The producer would probbaly sell a handful and each one at a loss...............

The community is simply too small and the cost of material for small volume production too high for anyone to care or bother to try.............and for very good reason.
2014-04-10 18:45:48
lol, thanks, Chris!
2014-04-10 19:48:05
Captain obvious, at your service
2014-04-10 19:49:30
Ooooo I thought I was Captain Obvious, and you were Captain ...... never mind, it's off-topic.
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