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Thread: Six Speed Mounts nearly ready!

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2015-08-10 22:19:46


seriously, this is some BS. These parts should at the VERY least somewhat fit and line up properly, neither mounts do either. One flat out does not fit, the other interferes with the block... making 2 out of 2 kits worthless. Where do we go from here?

Make this right! Also when designing these parts, it might be a good idea to have the motor bolted up to the transmission as well, you have caused an interference with the block and driveshaft loop on both kits. yes they were both test fitted, yes time was wasted testing this due to lack of due diligence in fabrication and measurement.
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2015-08-11 03:22:25
2015-09-21 05:04:04
Did this ever end up getting sorted out? the mounts in those last pictures look horrendous... were they fucked up in shipping or something?
2015-10-07 20:16:41
Originally Posted by jakeb`
Did this ever end up getting sorted out? the mounts in those last pictures look horrendous... were they fucked up in shipping or something?

no not yet. Performance Plus once again has posession of the mounts and they should be getting corrected to something that resembles an acceptable mount. FWIW, this is the 2nd time ive shipped them to Performance Plus. The first time, they were refused and sent back because they were in disbelief that someone knows how to use a ruler. Now that pictures are provided, they finally accepted them back (after spending $100 in shipping them twice)

Hopefully, the wait wont be too bad this time. If you are interested in a set, ill have 2x available, brand new, never used once these come back. Given the experience I've had with them, I will never put a single part from them on my car.
2015-10-10 23:18:45
Yes, I got the mounts last week. I'll get them sorted out and shipped back.
2015-10-26 16:20:34
Copied from the product reviews thread:

Ok. I finally got the chance to take a look at what's up with these. The bushing is crooked on one of the rear crossmember mounts which causes everything else to look crooked. However, it did bolt in just fine. There's enough play in the bushing that everything was able to be bolted together with no issues. I am sending you a new mount regardless.

The "loop" mount that bolts to the block, we've been having issues with it hitting exactly where you pointed out, you failed to mention that one of them worked just fine, and that the other was hitting. Some positive feedback, and test fits, would have gone a lot further had they been done earlier. Anyways, that has been taken care of and your mounts will be modified to fix the issue. You'll have them back next week sometime.

I apologize for the trouble, but this thread is extremely misleading and over exaggerated. The mounts do bolt in, the only issue was the "loop" mount which has been taken care of. I understand that they don't look perfect, but they will be fully functional and ready to be bolted in on their return. I am going to copy this information into the Performance Plus section and thread.
2015-11-18 20:07:40
did you ever ship the fixed mounts back?
2015-11-20 21:11:55
did you ever ship these back? If so, what is the tracking?
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2015-11-27 15:05:33
Yes, they were shipped to the same address they were the first time via fed ex.
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