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Thread: Parts you want to see.

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2014-07-27 23:32:19
Bolt in cusco roll cage.
Preferably 6 point
2014-07-28 00:11:17
Do you have a top mount T3 based RWD Sr20 manifold hanging around by any chance?? I saw you had a Top mount setup on Ebay
2014-07-28 02:09:42
Originally Posted by Kyle
The upper control arm needs shortened about 10-20mm. It all depends on how much camber we want in the end.

The second problem is the bushing inside the UCA. It is difficult to find replacement bushings that are separate and the OEM one is a very unique bushing. It allows for all sorts of movement and is a seven-piece design bushing. The whole UCA on a G20 is about eight inches long.

The other thing that makes this more difficult is the angles that a G20 multi-link has in the UCA to maintain camber, toe, etc... and also function the way it was designed to give more camber upon more compression or more steering input. Those dimensions need to be kept in spec while shortening and that is the large problem.

You said you like a challenge and a lot of folks have said it cannot be done. I have seen some that are made from scratch out of tubular metal to accept OEM-like bushings and I have seen people just cut and re-weld the OEM arm to make it a small bit shorter. About 10mm is going to gain one whole degree of camber. Running around with -2.0 degree of camber will start to kill tires on the street-driving faster but handle much better in turns.

I'm willing to do it with some help from you Kyle. Pictures, measurements etc.

Originally Posted by Boostlee
Do you have a top mount T3 based RWD Sr20 manifold hanging around by any chance?? I saw you had a Top mount setup on Ebay

I sure don't. I can build one though.
2014-07-28 23:40:50
Im sure many would like analuminum catch can with provisions for a few inlets and for a filter on top?
Last edited by nsusammyeb on 2014-07-30 at 01-34-07.
2014-07-30 01:34:52
Already done, there's a thread called "let's talk catch cans."
2014-08-05 17:42:00
I pm'd you but here makes sense too. Fuji and ISIS makes a power steering high pressure line steel braded alternative which I would love to get my hands on that is a direct replacement of the current one. Vadim told me that they work for our cars as is, so from you either a) a kit which does the same thing or b) a kit which has the banjo bolts etc so we won't have to change our hard lines.
2014-08-06 21:30:54
Chase bays makes one too
2014-08-23 03:13:56
That 6 speed shifter box sounds dope
Last edited by naturaLeza on 2014-08-23 at 03-18-38.
2014-09-05 13:00:05
Worth considering:
MAF Housing - 3.00" Billet VW/Audi : atpturbo.com

There was someone somewhere on here years ago who made one, but I can't find the thread to save my life.
2014-09-06 01:54:35
@turbotank still makes the maf housings and they are badass.
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