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Thread: New Way of Business

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2010-11-28 01:04:29
New Way of Business
I am sorry to say but the Radiator Brackets and the B14 rear Happy plate will be the last few things that I produce for this community. I have had claims from people on paypal trying to screw me and people sending me PM's telling me that I need to work on my customer service skills. I am not sure if all of you know but I am one person. I tried to do my best but it seemed that it was not good enough for some. For those people that felt the need to bash me and send me PM's thank you for helping me make my decision.

I will still be making parts on my website and will cater to those that are local that drop off their cars.

For those of you that thought I did good work and wanted to continue to see new products and CF items I am sorry.
2010-11-28 01:18:15
wow, another one down.
2010-11-28 01:34:17
dont blame you one bit
2010-11-28 04:16:12
and this is the reason why I sold off all my parts and my turbo s14. Have a stock b13 NX2000 which will remain stock.

I sold a 300 dollar Kids JDM ECU for 150 bucks and the fool tried to scam me
got the scam ran on a s14 sr20det starter and other little pieces.

too many broke ass punks in the community which makes it hard on honest people trying to help them out.
2010-11-28 04:26:10
That sucks... im pretty upset, oem's awesome. Appretiate the work you've done and the parts from you that are on my car.
2010-11-28 04:37:08
So bad to see this
2010-11-28 04:48:17
Hate to hear this, but I don't blame you either.
2010-11-28 05:34:28
sorry to hear that man
2010-11-28 05:45:29
Also sorry to hear this, what really sucks is my car has been down pretty much the whole time you actually got after producing things for our platforms. Good luck with your future endeavors
2010-11-28 19:21:26
That's a shame that OEM is going to back out of the community. There was a lot of good will here towards your company and a lot of customers who were patient in looking for you to improve your customer service skills. As a customer who has bought several items from you (including CSKs), I had hopes you would stick around.

I think I can speak for most of us who purchased from you... I'd rather you make 1 really good product and have excellent customer service supporting it than make 15 products and have trouble getting e-mails returned and months of delay receiving the product.

In any event, good luck in your future endeavors. It would be a classy way to leave the community if you resolved (and or refunded) Phorb13's issue with his CSK order - or at least fully vetted your side of the issue if what has been presented so far is incomplete or incorrect.

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