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Thread: SO what can be done about this?

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2010-11-24 22:25:59
SO what can be done about this?
Hello OEM, it's Chris Santiago.

I am sure that you have seen this thread posted:

I am curious as to what you can do for me? I have rear struts I cannot use, made by your company, and no remedy. This thread as been posted for 2 months and no one has gotten in touch with me. I have sent emails and I have yet to hear from anyone about this. Your site lacks a phone number. I'd like to talk with someone soon about this. Feel free to email me or PM me.


I hope to hear from you very soon.
2010-11-26 23:37:37
These units are only made for Coil overs only. If you wanted to run springs you will need to raise the Koni up a good 2" to have adequate shock travel. I am sorry if my website is incorrect, I will change it accordingly.

2010-12-01 14:55:12
These units were made for Coilovers only. I modify EXACTLY as my Koni sales person tells me to. 52mm from the top. Now, if you wanted these to work with a spring set-up all you have to do is raise the Koni up 2.5". The comment about 250# springs only, no that is not true at all. I am not sure what all the frustration here is about. Seems to me this forum is only about people bickering then solving a problem. Instead of coming up with a solution everyone just likes to point fingers. Its one reason I am venturing into new scene.

Chris, I have done as the Koni Rep told me. If these still dont work for you, you can send them back to me so I can modify them. I can work with you on the price. I would need the springs and unit back to verify fitment.

2010-12-01 14:59:01

If they were made for coilovers, you have to remove the spring perch.

Koni doesn't have specs for inserting B15 inserts into B13/B14 housings so the numbers they gave you are not appropriate.

You are correct that there are work arounds to make them work from where they are tho.

2010-12-01 15:03:47
Nathan, My koni Rep is not just informed on stock replacements he knows about modifying the housings as well. All that needs to be done is move the shock up. Perches were left on to use with springs. That was my fault. Thats why I am posting this. That makes it easier to fix.

2010-12-01 15:06:48

Odd that the number is the same for the B15 housing which are different. Might just be coincidence tho.

Simple enough solution. All you need to do is get your hands on them now with a little time.

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