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Thread: $30 paypal payment

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2010-09-22 08:02:39
$30 paypal payment

I'm still waiting for my paypal payment of $30. You have very unprofessionally delayed payment, and have obviously, intentionally avoided my emails. So I am now posting on your page.

I have been waiting for almost 2 months now for a partial refund due to the fact that I had to shell out $30+ dollars out of my own pockets to get your CAI installed on my B13.

Like I said in my email, the LEAST you could do to make up for such a poor attempt at a finished product is to provide good customer service. This is something that has been lacking immensely on your part, ever since I decided to buy an intake from your company.

Still waiting ever so patiently...
2010-09-22 13:23:02
I was out of town for 3 days on an emergence call. I told you several times that I need from you is a receipt so that I can file it with my taxes.

2010-09-22 17:48:43
Why do people keep doing this? They are given clear instructions on what to do and don't follow them. Once things don't go their way they blame you guys and get mad and make threads... I'm %99 percent sure if you would have sent a receipt you would have been payed a while ago.
2010-09-22 17:54:08
Its not even that there is a correct section for the correct post...
2010-09-22 17:57:54
Originally Posted by NissanGuy
Its not even that there is a correct section for the correct post...

^this too
2010-09-22 18:26:36
From worldcrafter's point of view a receipt is to prove that he purchased the item from the shop he's claiming he purchased the item from, and for the amount he's claiming he purchased the item for. If there's no dispute over the place of origin of the components or the price paid, then quit dicking him around and pay him his money. The receipt for your taxes is your problem. You should have a copy of it. He shouldn't have to produce it if there's no question where he bought it or for how much.

If the agreement was (in writing or mentioned on your website somewhere or communicated over the phone, etc.) that you'd refund some money with the stipulation that he provided you a receipt then I completely understand holding out for one. Did you (OEM) make that kind of agreement with worldcrafter? If so, that would seal your public image on this matter.
2010-09-22 19:20:01
devil's advocate ftw
2010-09-23 06:02:00
You did NOT tell me multiple times to send you a receipt. And trying to communicate with you through email is like trying to talk to a deaf person. I have to send you 2 to 3 emails to even get a response, and sometimes it comes days after the 2nd or 3rd email.

I don't even understand why I have to send a link to the "receipt" of purchase on yahoo. Like Ben Fenner said, you should have a copy of it yourself for "tax" purposes.

I don't give a flying F whether this is the right section or not for posting this. I needed your attention, that is all. Thankfully, I got it.
2010-09-23 14:39:16
NO, not the receipt from me, the receipt from the coupler that you bought. I can obviously go to my yahoo manager and print your original receipt, I need the one for the coupler so I can show it on my estimated taxes. Its one of the things I ask for when I send a reimbursement payment. And no you dont send 3-4 e-mails before I respond, you simply just send 3-4 e-mails to me at once with the same info. Not sure why, but you do.

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