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Thread: Air Intake Boxes

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2010-06-30 17:06:19
I loff OEM
2010-07-16 15:54:07
Do these work? Well here are the pics.

2010-07-18 01:59:27
hey oem...will you make me one simmilar to this...i was gonna get one for my mazda...heaerd really good things about this kind of setup(for the mazd3 at least..)

so where you see the mafs,it bolts up to the cf cover...and on the inside of the carbonf fiber is a velocity stack/popcharger....so the CF sheild would ,basicly draw air from the bottom of the battery tray area...

more seen here....http://www.mazda3forums.com/index.php?topic=153234.0

i guess its more like OEM placment andstyle...just more unique
2010-08-11 01:30:06
Any interest in these? If not we are going to delete the part from the computer
2010-08-11 02:23:29
1) Did you ever get the b14 in there for fitment?

2) Can you get pics of where the intake pipe enters the box? Would really like to see all the openings in the box actually
2010-08-11 03:33:14
I will take pics tomorrow.
2010-08-11 04:10:49
could you custom make them for people with turbos. i thank people with turbos and batt relocated to back would be interested with one where the batt was. alot of them have the filter right there at the turbo sucking in that hot air. somehting like this might help them alot
2010-08-11 04:12:35
Not relevant
2010-08-11 04:35:40
Heat Soak is heat soak, you want to minimize it at all cost. We can build the box like that but they would have to be custom made and would be more money, plus we would need the car.
2010-08-11 05:55:27
ya i know thats fine with me i would be willing to bring my car down there and pay extra for a nice cf intake box. it would be and look better then makeing one myself like i was going to do
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