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Thread: Carbon Fiber Interest

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2010-02-25 14:21:49
Very cool guys. Well we willl finish up these few pieces today and I will shoot some pics up.

2010-02-25 15:19:36
Originally Posted by Overkill
Very cool guys. Well we willl finish up these few pieces today and I will shoot some pics up.


Are these wraps or actually made out of CF?
2010-02-25 15:24:02
I want one now! liol
2010-02-25 17:49:22
Originally Posted by Chill
I want one now! liol

STFU! i'm tired of you buying everything dammit.. lol

I want some cf hmmm...
2010-02-25 18:15:53
These are wrapped. We are gauging interested to see if people like this. If so, later down the road we can do the whole piece in CF, but for piece that really are for show, there is no real need.

2010-02-25 18:50:59
I'd like to see CF wrapped peices like the center stereo bezels, mebbe dizzy covers (not the caps, the cover that overlaps the caps), mebbe the rad fluid resivoirs or ps fluid resivoir, hell even just the widow washing fluid cap since they are typically ugly as hell - mebbe that triangle peice that goes on the interior part of the side view mirrors, door handle plastics, umm...that's all I can think of for now.
2010-02-25 19:45:53
guys I'm still waiting for someone to make eyebrows for nx's - suprised no one has yet! in CF that would be even cooler.
2010-02-25 21:51:06
Well the VE covers will be ready very soon. For other items just shoot over your idea in a PM and we can work out details that way.

2010-02-25 21:56:43
Its about time B14 owners get some atermarket love. We really really REALLY need a lip option for the B14. The only one we have now is the stillen lip(by this I mean specifically made for our cars. not just cut to fit). If we could get a nice lip made im 99.9% positive that there will be a lonngg list of buyer waiting. I say make a cf lip kit for the B14.

Carbon Fiber..:
window switch panels, center consoles, b14 grills, b14 sideskirts, b14 lip(both will have tons of interest), trunk center etc
2010-02-25 22:02:21
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