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Thread: VE Cruise Bracket

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2010-04-21 16:42:12
every photo on this thread has one hole to bolt it to the intake
2010-04-21 18:43:30
I've already pointed that out like 3 times, I believe it's been rectified since.
2010-04-21 18:52:19
Originally Posted by Andreas
a one hole bracket will move by itself so it will come out of adjustment

Originally Posted by Andreas
every photo on this thread has one hole to bolt it to the intake

Lemme see if I can help you Andreas.
I was the one who brought my car to OEM with a VE cruise bracket on it for them to use as an example.
I made it out of two old brackets off parts engines.
It mounted farther forward on the intake where there is only one bolt hole.
Here are some pics of what I did,and they started with at Overkill..

It DID NOTever come out of adjustment,I put 10,000 miles an it,including a time attack,and multiple autocrosses.
Apparrently OEM has moved the mounting point back to where it can bolt up with 2 bolts,so no worries,Dre.
I didnt do it that way,because of the IACV.I like the way the cables run almost parallel to eachother for smooth operation.
I plan to get one of these when they are ready
2010-04-21 19:01:11
dre was just helping out with some advice being he had made these for a awhile.
2010-04-24 00:43:28
2010-04-24 00:51:48
Next week they will be shipping
2010-04-24 21:38:02
Pics of finished product???? Ready to buy, just need to check it out first.
2010-04-24 23:33:41
When I get them from the sheet metal shop I will post them

2010-04-25 00:49:26
sounds good.
2010-05-03 00:47:44
These are available now, but for those waiting on pics, they will be done Thursday. I will post pics then.

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