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Thread: Tubular front control arms

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2010-07-17 00:56:34
Originally Posted by Overkill
More pics today.

Originally Posted by Overkill
SOOOOOOOOO, who is ready for pics?

Originally Posted by Overkill
Lets just say the NX is handling much better now

Originally Posted by Overkill
Humm, not convinced u wanna see.

We are ready,stop teasing us and put up some pics already
2010-07-17 00:58:02
Yo man where the pictures.
2010-07-17 01:09:25
OK now I am, thanks EGG. Here are the pics. Drove it 30 miles with no sign of fatigue or fracture. All test were done at our business park here while no one was around. Lets just say we put them to the test. You can see our design will allow the balljoint to be moved in and out and also up and down. All bushings are delrin as well. The new arm weighs in at over 10lbs less then factory. Truly a needed part for this car at the very least. ON to pics.

We will start taking Pre-Orders Monday. We will finish up the other arm and ride the car this weekend to do some good hardy testing.

Price, I know we through numbers around from $350-$400. We calculated them being on the high side at $435. We will do pre orders at $400. Sorry for the price change, we could not get a 100% price until they were finally done.

Please ignore the little rust. The material has been on the shelf for a while. Its DOM tubing 3/16 wall. All TIG welded

YOu will get spacers with this kit. We were just looking to test so we used extra washers.


2010-07-17 01:11:27
Nice work!!
2010-07-17 01:16:12
It does look like it would contact that bolt near the pivot when compressed,though.
Maybe its the angle of the pic?
2010-07-17 01:27:50
We though it would as well but its all good. Even with the car all the way on the lowest part on the coilover and hitting some big bumps, it did not touch at all.

2010-07-17 01:41:17
Originally Posted by eggman
Yes...bye-bye bumpsteer!
It does look like it would contact that bolt near the pivot when compressed,though.
Maybe its the angle of the pic?

How is this going to effect bump steer compared to the bump steer kit though? The bump steer kit moves the tie rod under the knuckle mount, which is a significant amount more than the spacers on the lower balljoint shown on the control arm.

Do the spacers simply even up the angle of the tie rod and the lower control arm? if so does it simply just reduce bump steer?

@ > OEM have you tested how much camber adjustment is avalible and how far out the lower mount can be adjusted before its unsafe, or is the design not made for camber adjustment, just that it was better to have a spherical instead of a ball joint?
2010-07-17 01:49:26
You can get about 5 degrees of negative camber out of these. There are no spacers on this right now as this was just a trial run. YOu will get spacers to raise or lower the ball joint.

Not only will this solve the problem with the ball joint location but its 10lbs of unsprung weight lost from the car. That alone is a far advantage over factory.

2010-07-17 07:16:38
Have you been able to test fit these on all three chassis yet (NX, B13, & B14)? I would just like to know that it works well and offer a decent range of adjustment on the B14 before ordering. Thanks, these look great!
2010-07-17 11:23:06
How about some more testing i.e. FMEA and fatigue before this product is available. I applaud your design efforts but these are critical suspension components we are talking about now.
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