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Thread: Products Wanted/Needed

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2010-01-04 13:18:19
Originally Posted by eggman
Originally Posted by beefyvvl
x3 on the bracket for cruise control on a ve.

I have left dimensions for this bracket with OEM.They used my car for reference and measurements.
I have not heard anything on it.
I realize these are a low profit item,so it probably is not high on their priority list

I have done all I can

K, It looks like this is getting made and a B14 lip kit as well. Yes B14 lip.

2010-01-06 17:05:27
Flat 4 point brace for B14
you guys should create one that low profile flat for the b14.

something along the lines of this but flat and dont hang as log as the blehmco ones do.

something like this for the b15 but for b14

2010-01-09 00:41:12
Originally Posted by autocroSER
+1 on control arms and harness bars for the b14. i remember that in an old sport compact car issue, there was a 200sx rocking some neuspeed adjustable control arms. if i can find the article, i'll post or link it up...

+1 on billet mounts, like the quality of hasport b-series swap mounts

- maybe some bolt-on xbar designs for the b14 rear passenger/trunk areas

- would like to see some engine torque dampers made for fwd sr's

- quick-steering ratio upgrades for b13/b14 power steering racks

Originally Posted by Yosho
Unibody frame rail "butterfly" brace

Flyin' Miata's butterfly brace:

+1 to everything above, plus

Front and Rear Tow Hooks and a clean, simple and inexpensive catch can.

all for the B14 please!
2010-01-12 16:53:33
We do have catch cans. I can post a pic up
2010-01-13 02:36:34
We are working on CC bracket for the Ve. Will shoot pic up when its done.

2010-01-16 04:38:42
How about brackets that hold the fuse and relay boxes in the nx and ser's and some sort of kit that helps with wire tucks???
2010-01-19 01:25:26
Originally Posted by Overkill
We are working on CC bracket for the Ve. Will shoot pic up when its done.


God bless you guys. I want one like NOW.
2010-01-19 04:47:21
what about short shifters similar to B&Ms.
2010-01-22 17:57:13
can you make something to allow the portion of the radiator support that's above the radiator to be detachable. that way we could remove the radiator without having to pull the header, or make it easier to work on the turbo since the radiator is not in place.
2010-01-22 22:54:10
Are you speaking of the crossmember??
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