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Thread: Product Update: Exalt Grill

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2010-08-10 14:55:13
Here is the mold. We extended it for you picky ones


2010-08-10 15:18:07
why dont you guys who complain so much just go out and get an exalta hood..or just extend your hood with some sheetmetal/bodywork? lol
2010-08-10 15:21:31
I'm curious to see what it'll look like with the hood closed. EXCELLENT work so far though.
2010-08-10 15:51:41
Look we want this to be right Justin2386 we don't want to buy the grill,by another piece and then glue anything together. No body work none of that. If these have extra to make them work they won't sell and these guys would have wasted their resources trying to come up with the grill. I have a carbon fiber hood on my 200 so I need it to be plug and play.
2010-08-10 16:01:51
Originally Posted by Joekuh
I'm curious to see what it'll look like with the hood closed. EXCELLENT work so far though.

Here you go. YOu can only get the grill to work one way. You can not have it match the hood and headlights. It flows pretty nice.


2010-08-10 17:01:00
pretty cool, not what i had invisioned but still cool. are you going to add a black mesh material in the middle section?
2010-08-10 17:07:21
Its going to be carbon fiber, its in the bag right now. People will be able to put what they want in the middle, we will leave it blank.
2010-08-10 18:27:59
Thanks for the closed hood pics Mark. Shouldn't be too hard to customize a piece to fill in the gap.
2010-08-10 19:01:25
Yo theres practically no gap now.. The weatherstriping from your hood should close that little crack of a gap thats left over.
2010-08-10 19:06:22
Good to see some progress on these. Are those the headlights I sent you guys months ago for this? I'd like to get them back once you guys are done using it for the fitting.
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