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Thread: New exhaust options

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2009-06-29 19:42:53
2009-06-30 02:03:06
you know the 99 and the 00+ g20s have different outlets right?
2009-06-30 17:56:13
Got the exhaust today! Damn fast shipping for it haha Will try to get it on this weekend and have some videos and pics up.
2009-06-30 21:06:03
Opened it up and I'm kinda dissapointed. The test pipe part that's suppose to slip into the rest of the exhaust does not fit. I'm going to have to take it and get it bumped up, which cost money I don't have. And the muffler delete was suppose to be separate so it would be interchangeable with a muffler. So when I decide on what muffler I'm going to get I'm gonna have to pay to get that all fixed and cut as well.

I do have to say the quality is very nice though, the welds are excellent! I just hope it fit's as good as it looks! But I would like to try to work something about for what I'm gonna have to pay for to get fixed :/

You can see here 1 piece not separate.

Here I tried pushing it in and it would not fit :/
2009-06-30 21:16:09
twist the section back and forth and it will fit. I will pm you details about the rear section. As you can see with the angled weld there was an issue.

What was the overall length of the muffler you were planning on using?
What will be the inlet id and od on the muffler?
2009-06-30 21:47:26
that piece will def slide in trust me I did it on mine just lift the other pipe up and wiggle it and it will slide in like butter. I have this exhaust on my car just not the options you have and I'm not dissapointed only thing is that it hangs a little low right by the 90 to straight to the other 90 going forward. No biggie just need to get it to tuck up there more. You will like straight 3" if you like being one of the loudest cars around(I have no problem with that)
2009-07-01 06:14:54
Problems being taken care of, OEM is awesome company to deal with!

And yeah I have absolutely no problem with being loud hahaha I just hope it doesn't drone bad on the highway.
2009-07-12 22:09:36
Well I got the exhaust on yesterday! Sounds awesome as hell!

But we got some issues. The exhaust doesn't seem like it's fitting right. The muffler area doesn't come straight out, the bubble part doesn't line up straight and I had to get longer bolts to use to connect the flanges, and the main part which I'm kinda pissed about is there was no room with the piping for a test pipe.... I thought this was suppose to bolt to my DP, it had a big area missing from which the CAT would've been. So I had to have a pipe custom made to fit it till I figure out what's going on with it. I have a few pics so you can see whats going on with it.

Muffler not lined up right, this might be cuz of different rubber hangers on my part but I don't think so...

Couldn't get this to line up right and had to get longer bolts to use to connect flanges. Maybe I did something wrong?

Main bad area, here is where we extended the piping and temp fixed it until I can figure out what I'm gonna have done to correct it. Just threw some tacts on this piece and and it's not leaking or anything, but I want it straightened out and not have this lame piece in there lol maybe just send me an extended part from downpipe to rest of the exhaust and that should fit that all up right?

BTW it does fit better then my old VRS 2.5", no banging at all just a little riding the heat shields which I don't care about haha Good work for the most part just wanna get the test pipe are fixed and i'll be happy
2009-07-12 23:25:31
Ill make a note about the longer bolts and to get the ball socket smaller so they come together more. Keep us updated.
2009-07-13 19:32:18
So is that a no on the part where I need to get it extended? because that would solve this whole issue. If you could just send one long enough that would be awesome, especially since I said in the first PM I wanted the test pipe incorporated into the piping.
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