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Thread: Oil Pans

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2009-04-24 13:48:14
Sure whats your rate? Will it work for all applications and any setup? Even on swapped cars?

Originally Posted by wnwright
That is what I was getting at. People wanted to have new pans to fix the problem.... making a pan that would fix the problem would be just as much or more than drysump...

It CAN be done... But it shouldn't be done for the cost/benefit ratio.

Also if anybody wants I will gladly design a pan that fixes the problem... Provide you prints you can take anywhere to produce and even source parts if you want. Half down to start and I bet nobody will like my rate.
2009-04-26 03:01:09
Haha I'm serious you don't want to know... 85 an hour

I don't have a ballpark on hours off hand but the bill wouldn't make you smile.
2009-04-26 03:03:09
lol your such a tease
2009-04-26 17:44:58
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
lol your such a tease

Well I do this stuff for a living I am not just going to make up numbers without knowing everything.
2009-04-26 22:19:35
what about the design?
you said you would gladly do it
2009-04-27 00:44:40
O I will gladly do it if you pay me

I don't do work for free ya know.
2009-04-27 04:41:17
So the quote for the design would be?
2009-05-04 02:19:55
mmm... sorry if it sounds like a noob question, probably im just gettin lost in translation here, whats the name of this "part" i know it's an oil pan i reffer to the inner thing...

and if so, who makes one for our sr20's?...
2009-05-04 02:22:57
girdle i think
2009-05-04 04:43:31
windage tray
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