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Thread: Oil Pans

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2009-04-19 02:45:07
2009-04-19 02:57:15
Nome yet still in communication but much closer
2009-04-19 03:15:59
You confirmed if this will work with all DEs, VEs, and DETs?
2009-04-22 21:57:25
Hey guys we have concluded a couple things in regards to your oiling system. For the pans to be deepened the oil pick up would have to be as well, as we dont see this as a problem, we think that the pan would be very close to the ground on some of your cars which could lead to a damaged pan and there for it would not work. So we have designed a device that will help with the oiling system in a different way.

First is a oil modifier. This is a device that will bolt to the bottom end of the motor and helps with oil sticking to the crankshaft under high RPM. Under high rpm the oil sticks to the crank shaft and then you loose oil for the pump to pick up, this can run the pump dry and destroy the motor.


We are also looking into modified pans for the additional bungs. We will probably buy new pans, make the modifications and then ship. Ill check into some vendors such as Greg for some pricing on pans.

Let me know what you think of these devices and we would need someone to test them out.

We will be offering items produced by Crank-Scrapers. With the help of Kevin we are able to sell these to you guys for a 10% discount off his website pricing. We may even be able to do better with a group buy. Look here for more infor in regards to what we will be offering. http://www.crank-scrapers.com/Datsun-Nissan.html
2009-04-22 22:02:54
question here (just trying to understand)

about the tray: wouldnt you want the oil to drain to the pan so the oil pump doesnt run dry?
2009-04-22 22:22:32
edited sorry for the confusion ^^
2009-04-22 23:55:24
So in short, a crank scrapper is still about the only real thing that will help? Well, glad I got one of those already.

Kevin's work is spot on, like I said before. I have his scrappers and windage trays on my RB and soon on my SR. The wide block non-AWD guys will benifit most from the scrappers because they can get the teflon scrappers which are AMAZING.

Also good to hear that you guys will be vendering for Kev. Sweet deal.
2009-04-22 23:55:44
I am so confused here... first off your "designed device" sounds exactly like a crank scrapper which you also link to....

You say you can offer a pan... then in the end just offer what is already available and doesn't address the issue that originally started your offer. Crank scrapers help knock oil down, but it doesn't fix the inherit oil issue with the sr20 that prompted this.

It is very possible to make a better pan setup, but the problem isn't designing it IMO. It is that nobody would pay what it costs to make since it is such a small sub group that would be interested especially with the variations in upper pan to block mounting.

I am not knocking on you for not making and selling the pan... but just get your story straight is all. If you were looking at just growing the pan down to increase capacity you SEVERELY misunderstood the issues people were talking about and the problems with sr20 oiling.
2009-04-23 00:09:18
what kind of protection does the vvl oil pump offer?
(i heard guys say it at the convention)
2009-04-23 00:19:03
VE and GTiR oil pumps are much larger than the stock pump.
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