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Thread: The middle part of the exhaust of a Nx2000 no longer available?

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2019-08-14 19:00:36
The middle part of the exhaust of a Nx2000 no longer available?
I've seen this part being offered from $50 and up for a while. I didn't find a good reason to buy a exhaust part more expensive then that but $50 is cheap (Well here in Europe it really is so, I'm not sure for USDM).

While I told myself I would buy this part when time is due (I'm running for nine years this middle part of my exhaust which came rusty), I didn't and now it's not to be found.

Do you know where to get this part?

While I am planning to last my NX for a very long time since I believe electric mirrors, steering power and electric windows are all you need, I might need this part sooner or later.

I'm aware it is possible to weld this part but I'm a little different. I do have an ebay header which is RVS and my muffler is also RVS, this part is fifteen years old now and shows some spots. I'm quite happy with this result. My Whiteline is rusted all over the place so those Aussies should understand that exporting such a part would include a proper rust seal but that is another story.

The only thing I want, since my car is mildly modified and I don't need a police magnet, I really want my middle exhaust sound stock. So I thought about welding something myself together but this relies heavily on a favour of a friend which doesn't know yet my distribution has a leaking water pump and my crankshaft bearing tranny side is on it's way out, I've figured being able myself to fix my middle exhaust for the next decade, is there a way to get a decent sound from my exhaust? My muffler has a certfication for police/ sound issue. They say it may not surpass 90dB. I've tested with a cheap ebay dB meter, I'm well below.

For the ebay header, yes it does produce more sound, just like my intake but law says those 90dB is measured muffler end.

Could you advice me what to do next. My middle exhaust needs service soon or later. Probably later so I believe I'm asking this pretty much in advance.

While I am looking forward to your answers, I'm off learning what other parts are going to be not so available. I'm aiming 40 years age Nx2000. I think a new middle exhaust will get me there, my car is rust busted.
2019-08-14 19:15:56
Louvered core resonator will make it quieter than straight through perforated core. Lots of options if you go custom. For retaining a stock system, they are not available anymore so scavenging at a yard, or other owners could help. I would find the longest or buy two louvered core resonators for the middle section. Lots of custom work splicing into the stock stuff, a new cat-back may be the cheapest route.
2019-08-21 19:57:51
I do have some time because my middle exhaust is okay and I don't expect annual expection issue but I would like to learn the stept to take since I am determined to keep my egg on the road.

I looked up 'louvred core resonators' and the first hits tell it gives 5% less flow. I honestly don't know anything about exhaust flow.

But if I loose some flow, what about this idea, I'm sure a Nx1600 middle exhaust will fit. There is this thing we have two different lengths catalyzers, but I forget which is which. From the GA16DS, GA16DE, SR20DE, two catalyzers are the same and one is 5 millimeters shorter or longer. 5 millimeters is 0.2 inch.

I'm told but I wasn't able yet to measure for myself that a Nx1600 exhaust is 3 millimeters narrower then one for a Nx2000. I'm also told people used this instead and said they didn't notice the difference.

So an option is to get this slightly smaller in diameter middle exhaust, maybe with another catalyzer to make sure the exhaust won't get too close to the chassis and make noises, this is a cheap solution but I'm willing to spend a little more.

I think my message isn't one of the clearest but imagine one needs a middle exhaust and it needs to be hand built. How about those flenses and connecting pieces, are those standarized? How would one start from nothing? Say I have resonator Y giving result X (litterally), I can get some pipe, a 90 degree bent but and weld something to connect this middle exhaust in its rubber, but the rest of it? How do I start?
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