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Thread: Euro 100NX Meet footage

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2019-06-04 13:59:33
Euro 100NX Meet footage
The 26th of May this year we (the Dutch Nissan 100NX Club) had a meeting and here is some footage. This little movie is made by a member of our club. There where about 8000 eggs sold overhere and currently the Dutch car registry holds 488 registered eggs whereof 28 with a SR20.

2019-06-04 14:24:41
Thanks for posting this. Amazing!
2019-06-04 18:17:16
Embedded for yah.

How many years have you folks been doing this get-together?
2019-06-04 19:51:01
OH damn I forgot we can embed the YouTube videos. Thanks, BenFen.
2019-06-07 23:56:06
I actually like the spoiler on the NX at 00:45. Which one is it?
2019-06-08 13:49:49
That spoiler is an MS-Design spoiler and is a original option for an European Nissan 100NX. They go between thirty and fifty euro's overhere and I'm not sure I can arange one but shipping will be the greater part of the cost.

Is it possible this spoiler has not been a option for USDM?

The Nissan 100NX Club exists for 16 years now, I'm a contributor (webmaster and forum admin) for 9 years now though I own an NX for 15 years now, the GA16DS based one and the GA16DE based one, both crap compared to a NX1600 and now a gti since that is how a non slow 2.0 is called overhere.

Next year there will be another movie, the maker of it already said so. And if you really like the MS-Design spoiler, let me know and I'll ask around.
2019-06-11 02:13:23
I don’t have an NX. I was just saying that it adds nicely to the car’s profile. Some NX owners here in the states might be interested though.
2019-08-14 17:46:38
Just noticed by re-reading my threads, BenFenner, we've been doing this for 16 years. I've been around for 13 years or so. I'm the forum administrator
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