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Thread: Are alternators exchangeable over chassis code?

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2018-05-12 17:01:35
Are alternators exchangeable over chassis code?
I've wrote in my last message that my ABS light and battery light came on at once. Since the ABS computer LED is not flashing a code, FSM diagnostic procedure 15 in BR is saying faulty alternator. I've also solved my current draw.

Then I checked for voltage with engine load over the battery and it became 12.3 volt and without engine load it was 12.4 volt so that is probably enough information to know my alternator is dead.

Now I try to find a used alternator or a new one that isn't very expensive (prices range from 120 to 750 euro overhere) and a used one is about 50 euro. But I saw that there are Nissan Infiniti sold in parts with very low mileage (15000 - 60000) with an original alternator, now my question

Is there a website that you are aware of that is capable to do a proper cross reference for Nissan models with the same alternator? I did find a website, but their information is not proper, Ebay seems more reliable but I hope to find something better then that, the only website I tried is rockauto.com

But I live in The Netherlands and my idea was to find a low mileage alternator and my only chance for that is a Infiniti P10.

Any other words of advice on how to do this is also greatly appreciated.

This is the alternator I am looking for: http://www.fotobakje.nl/map/nissan/b13-nissan-sr20de-dynamo.png

The part numbers are believe to be (but I couldn't check, my faulty alternator isn't original)

LR180-725 - HITACHI
LR180-725C - HITACHI
LR180-725E - HITACHI
LR180-737 - HITACHI
LR180-737B - HITACHI
23100-64J00 - NISSAN
23100-64J02 - NISSAN
23100-64J03 - NISSAN
23100-64J05 - NISSAN
23100-64J10 - NISSAN
23100-64J13 - NISSAN
23100-64J16 - NISSAN
2018-05-12 18:19:20
Sorry, I was going to recommend the site you've already used. I'm not surprised you're finding it unreliable though.

I'm not much help since all of my resources for Nissan parts are US-only, unless you want OEM which might get pricey.

I'm pretty sure any FWD chassis with an SR20 is going to work though, so like you said, P10, but also B14, P11, and many B15s.
2018-06-04 13:11:24
Are alternators exchangeable over chassis code? solved
I've solved my dead alternator, I've found a website and sorry, I reread my first post and it's saying rockauto is bad, it isn't, I did look at rockauto but since I am overseas, I've used the term 'rockauto.com', as an something recognizable, but I did visit autozone.com but that one doesn't seem to ship overseas. And for 120 euro, I've gotten a rebuilt Hitachi or Mitsubishi, the Nissan logo on the alternator proofs that.

But when I look back, you must be right. And that is about every 80 amp alternator from Nissan someone else told me, but don't take my word for it, better go to hc-cargo.

The unit I've gotten didn't fit well in its bracket so I had to flex it a bit and this experience (my first alternator), combined with these links from hc-cargo.co.uk

https://hc-cargo.co.uk/catalog/p/111264--alternator (nx2000)
https://hc-cargo.co.uk/catalog/p/111726--alternator (p11 sr20de)

This are details pages, where under 'physical details', C, mounting bracket dist., 80/81.15mm

It wouldn't come on without moving the upper radiator hose (it would in a Sentra B13, so I've read somewhere), and I took the 120 euro dynamo with one year warranty, I've could have gotten a new one for 160 euro but it was Korean brand and I don't want Korean (non performance) parts on my Jap.

A last thing, now I did remove it successfully and dropped it and placed the new one using a piece of rope and towed it up there and had the need for a second person to push the bolt trough and I did tie the belt to the power steering oil tank, that belt is easier to place from top when car is standing on a floor. Now I can read those hc-cargo.uk pages and I am sure you guys also can and yes it is possible. B13 nx comes hard overhere in scrapyards in my country. I've could have done it for 35 + 7,50 euro (I did need to flex anyway), but I have no pulley puller, no vise and no car bridge. The latter I solved by visiting a do it yourself garage, 15 per hour for a 4 column bridge, maybe going to change my oil there, get my feet wet, but the owner gave me a good impression and didn't had complicated rules, actually few rules. Thanks Ben, I didn't took one from a P10 or P11 but will consider it next time.
2018-06-04 13:55:37
At least something worked out. Sorry it was such a struggle.
2018-06-04 15:07:05
I did a lot of things that will help me in future, I have time on my hands to struggle. I'm happy with my alternator, the 35 euro one I mentioned I needed to widen the plus on the original wiring from 6mm to 8mm and while that must be possible I was reluctant to that. Also that dynamo had this black plastic cover (which I would probably have made away), but a neat engine bay is also worth something to me. Thanks Ben!
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