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Thread: Hatch wiper not working 😭😭😭 help 😭😭😭

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2017-01-31 23:57:25
Hatch wiper not working 😭😭😭 help 😭😭😭
Ok after doing some weeks of research on anybody experiencing this issue and found only few german or uk threads with this same issue of wiper from the hatch not working, few conclusions they came up was the weather (cold or frozen conditions may dry up the wires from the roof to the hatch and when cold they tend to bend and brake apart and the other was the actual switch to activate the wiper itself and that was it , im kinda getting pissed off i do have the actual manual and only has few pages dedicated to the wiring of the actual wiper, motor and the 2nd washer pump fluid they run from the front to the driver colum making their way up to the roof and to the hatch then to the wiper motor a pig tail and some grounds on the hatch itself, things that it didnt mention were any rear wiper motor Fuse, it only mentions doides which from what i understand its only purpose its to send current one way so its not even a fuse , already checked all fuses they are working and not blown, inside engine bay and inside the cabin , i also have the compas/auto dimming rear view mirror and the mirror stopped working as well and that is wired on the roof feeding its power and ground, and just yesterday my side mirrors stooped working as well, things to blame at the moment its the weather here in colorado we do get snow and frozen temperatures and i do open the hatch quite often for groceries and tools so i wiggled the wires coming from the hatch to the roof but made no difference, i also have a spare motor which i connect to the pig tail and turn it on and nothing , my front wipers and washer fluids work up in the front , i dont know what to do no more i do need my rear wiper for snow , defroster on the rear do work , asking for any tips or help for anyone that read this and hopefully stays for future reference to others , i will be trying out a wiper switch from my other shell tonight and follow up with the progress
2017-02-02 01:57:42
I think you may have a grounding issue. Have you confirmed voltage?
2017-02-02 03:58:25
Originally Posted by 1fastser
I think you may have a grounding issue. Have you confirmed voltage?

Success, i was probably panicking my self up i double checked fuses and the side mirror 10amp fuse was blown , replaced right away and bingo! The mirror auto dimming/compas came back on and hatch wiper came back on and side mirrors were revived as well i also noticed the rear washer fluid was not pumping fluid out but after turning on and off for a while it started spraying fluid i guess it needed some time to hold on the on position for all the fluid to fill the line all the way to the back , im glad everything its back to normal thanks for thw feedback and i hope it helps some one in the future
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