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Thread: NX2000 SR20VET swap

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2015-03-30 18:24:49
It's weird, my 2000 G20 and 01 B15SE had NATS, but my 03 Spec V had nothing...
2015-03-30 18:29:47
I wired up an accelerator pedal but couldnt get it to revv on its own. I didn't want to bother with it past that point, but I hear that if you connect to the ecu via consult tool it can be taken out of limp mode. Once its out of limp mode it will rev.
2015-03-30 18:53:01
Originally Posted by Vadim
It's weird, my 2000 G20 and 01 B15SE had NATS, but my 03 Spec V had nothing...

I had a 04 spec-v 6 speed no nats. For some reason the 6 speed SpecV came with no security. You can look them up by the VIN and find out if they have it or not.
2015-03-30 22:56:50
Calvin, where in NY are you? jw
2015-03-30 23:02:41
Near Binghamton
2015-03-30 23:05:09
oh cool..I'm up in Albany..well Niskayuna..at the top of 88 basically haha
2015-03-30 23:07:19
PM if your ever down this way. 😉
2015-03-30 23:16:18
I may do that! I have been itching to road trip somewhere even if it was just for a day trip or something along those lines
2016-06-28 12:21:15
Well it has been awhile since I have done any work to this, till recently.
Got it in and i was able to get it to run. Still have plenty to do to get it right.

Different intake(mine has no place for throttle cable)
Figure out fuel return problem
Get dash back together
Clean up some of the wiring for my ECU
Better intercooler piping
2016-06-28 21:41:18
@Dahaka Might be interesting to your current project
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