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Thread: NX2000 SR20VET swap

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2015-02-24 13:37:56
NX2000 SR20VET swap
I have a SR20VET with harness and ECU. I know the ECU will not work, but I am planing on having the B13 ECU sent to NismoTronic to be set up. The B13 will plug into it(according to Nismo), but I can not find a 20V(P12) ECU pin out. The biggest issue I have is the wiring, as it seems that there are many different ways, and most pertain to the SR20VE(P11).

Well thank you, for any that can help. I will be posting pictures as I go. One way or another I will figure this out.
2015-02-24 14:30:57
Just use the nx2000 harness if you have it or find one. It will be much less a head ache!
2015-02-24 14:55:31
Even if I want to use the coil packs? And want to avoid using add much as possibly from the de. I know I will need the throttle body. The P12 uses fly by wire (electronic throttle). I am debating if I should use the MAP (comes insteon the P12) of a MAF. Lots of choices and lots of reading and testing.
2015-02-24 15:18:42
Yea I guess either way you will have to do some wiring. Theres lots of info on COP conversions and map but it's scattered. If your planning on utilizing nismotronic I would just talk to john and get his thoughts. I think the p12 throttlebodys can be converted to cable. Sorry I cant be of much help here, Lol.
2015-02-24 15:37:59
Any help, it's still help. Who is John? Lol

Edit: NVM, I just looked on my email from Nismo, LOL
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2015-02-24 16:55:37
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2015-02-24 17:41:51
If you want to use the Coil packs and CAS, you will need to wire in those harness's into your NX harnes. You will also need to use an ECU with 4 Ignition outputs, So a 63 or 62 labled S13 SR20DET will work with your nismotronic board.

This is what i did when i did VET into my p10
2015-02-24 17:43:36
Awesome!! Thank you!
2015-02-27 12:43:39
So, last night I was able to find a X-Trail FSM. Thank god for google translate. I now have the pin out for the SR20VET harness. Don't know if anyone else would like this but I edited the PDF and the pin out is in English sort of.

I have ordered a SR20DET with NismoTronic installed for my ECU. NEXT, I will be repining my harness to match. Good thing I am an electrician by trade, lol.


Original post where I got the FSM
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2015-03-05 11:33:26
So, I have started to make my patchcable(conversion) cable. The connector for the VET is different. So, I needed a way to convert it. I decided to take the VET ecu and unsolder the plug in. I know have a connector that will work. I want to use the factory harness that came with the VET. To do this I had to get a ecu connector with wries long enough to solder. To the connector I pulled out of the ecu.
Went to the junk yard and found a 93 sentra and pulled the connector, cut the wires long. Now, I will be spending the next couple of days figuring out what goes where and then soldering them up.
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