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Thread: 205/40-16 on 7" Wheel - Need Pictures

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2008-06-23 13:19:18
205/40-16 on 7" Wheel - Need Pictures
I would like to see what 205/40-16 on 7" Wheel look like on NX - preferably with Road Magnet springs. I want to see if it will look silly or not.

Thanks for the pictures.
2008-06-23 22:39:45
Go with a 45 series tire, 40s are way too thin. I'm running 40s right now just b/c I found a used set cheap but I'm not happy with them. I'm looking forward to going back to 45s.
2008-06-23 23:25:48
I'm running 205/40/17's. Stock suspension...I like the look of it, and would be better if I had it lowered a bit, but yeah. I'd honestly recommend 45's as well.
2008-06-24 01:28:39
I have a 205/40/16 Nitto NeoGen on 7 inch rim and I love the ride,, yes it's a bit of a rough ride compared to the 205/50/15 that I used to but in life you gotta give alittle ,,,and take as much as you can (when you can)..

anyway I think it's fine, I have learned to watch out for pot holes more than ever thou ,LOL,, I started to go with the 45 series but the tire was 20 higher (each) than the 40's,, so I justified the savings.. I don't have road Magnets ,, instead HyperCo Gen II's ,, if I had it to do again I'd probably do the 40 series... just because I like the look in person,, ride comfort the 45 is better,, LOL don't know myself but thats what everyone is saying..... I also wanted to add that this my very first set of 40 series tire,, rookie here!! never went lower that a 50,,,

2008-06-24 03:32:11
^^^^^Damn Larry,those wheels are hott!!
Great pics ...looking good
2008-06-24 03:45:28
thanks bro ,,, these tire's are pretty good so far, 500 mi a week and so far good in the wet and great in the dry,,, can't wait to make a trip back home in my Rotten Egg
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