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Thread: Nx advice

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2014-08-07 22:08:23
Nx advice
This would be my first import car & 1 of the very few fwd vehicles I have ever had, so this is pretty new to me. So I am trying to soak up as much information as I can to be as prepared as possible.
I believe this is in the proper space....

Anywho, I have a few Nx questions:
I was searching the forum thinking maybe it had been brought up before, but what are all the factory colors available for these and which are the rarer?
I've seen- white, black & red seem to be pretty common, then electric blue, yellow & grey... might be missing some.

Also, I think I have all the common issues down for these (2.0 & 1.6) but just want to make sure that I am not missing anything and that I have the correct information to go on.

Rust is an issue with these cars (like most older cars in general), I know the strut towers is probably the biggest concern for most. But is there any other spot(s) inparticular? I usually check out undercarriages (rockers, subframes, etc.) anyways out of habit.

I've heard the 2.0 can have overheating issues, but what is the general cause for this on these cars? I know usually t-stat, air, rad, fan, etc. is usually what causes it on most other vehicles - is it something else on these engines?

I know the nx2k has the 5th gear popout issue and that there is a kit for it.

If you could give someone advice (possibly even your future self) on Nx's, what would it be?
Is there anything else that I should know?
2014-08-08 02:29:04
All older cars can eventually run into overheating issues, at least when one of the components you listed fails - there was some talk that the grille and/or airdamn on the NX blocks some airflow to the motor, if that's what you're referring to - as far as advice, same goes for the Sentra I think, hold out for the one you REALLY want and don't waste your $ and time until you find it.
2014-08-08 02:42:21
You have all the colors. Grey is the rarest for the 2000; the Yellow wasn't offered for the 2000, only the 1600. Thread has a good discussion on colors.

Rear strut towers and doorjambs

I've never had overheating issues in mine, but the nx2000 did come with a dual core radiator as opposed to the single core in the SE-R. Other than that, it's like any other SR20.

All B13s are prone to 5th gear popout

Advise for future self.... Buy spares of all specific NX items, when you find them, in case anything ever happens; you don't want to pay out the rear because you're in a pinch for the item. Hopefully nothing ever does happen to you but in my case, I needed to replace the driver side headlight once as well as bumper and fender. And 2000 front bumpers are different from 1600 bumpers.
2014-08-08 02:56:38
Some good advice you 2. Thanks

Doorjams, thanks... will add that to my list of places to look.
So any b13 with a manual is prone to the 5th gear popout?
I did not know that, thought it was just an Nx2k thing. But good to know. I assume the kit that fixes that is universal then?

I understand you on that Sentraga, I am already in that boat regarding buying model specific parts for the harder-to-find vehicles when you run across good prices and even when you don't quite need them yet lol I have an AMC that is like that. I have a full parts car and a storage shed of parts for it I swear I don't like unique/rare cars just because of that, it's definitely more about looks (& reliability) I can't help that they didn't last long (which is sad) and some even say they are ugly.
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2014-08-08 03:01:20
Thank you for that link Sentraga. I did a search before but didn't run across that one.
I was just wanting to know, I prefer not to get a rare color so I wouldn't feel so bad about repainting it.
2014-08-08 03:07:13
The older the B13 is the more likely it is to have popout.

The 91's and 92's had by far the highest #'s of 5th gear popout. In 93 and 94 along with the redesign of the interior and exterior of the car, Nissan also apparently tinkered with the 5th gear problem but it STILL happened in a good chunk of them anyway. Even in the 95-99 B14's, it's happened to a handful of folks, but its rare. If you have a 91-92 w/ the original input shaft I'd venture to say that the "popout" is inevitable on a long enough timeline
2014-08-08 03:10:40
Ah, gotcha. Thanks Jordan.

Speaking of... is there many/any differences between years?
2014-08-08 03:16:38
Originally Posted by MudPuppy

Speaking of... is there many/any differences between years?

The 1993 NX interior was redesigned a bit, the gauge cluster and such, other trim items.. so not too much, but there is an enormous difference between the 91-93 Sentra SE-R and the 94 SE-R, motor is totally different. Well I shouldn't say that, its an SR20DE 1998cc but its referred to as the "low port" and it has smaller cams etc.
2014-08-08 03:19:08
Ok, good lol didn't want to have to narrow it down to any specific year(s), it's already narrow enough. Thanks Jordan.
2014-08-10 18:40:58
91-92 all have the gray body stripe all the way around. 93s are all color matched.
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