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Thread: Bored because its snowing and just reading...NX2000 Production Numbers!

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2014-02-13 02:25:38
Bored because its snowing and just reading...NX2000 Production Numbers!
Production figures on US SR20DE Cars - SR20 Forum

Anyone remember this Thread? Pretty cool. Ive just been trying to catch back up on my history lol. Kinda weird reading post from myself that long ago. But you literaly just do not see these cars anymore. The ones i Rarely do see on craigslist in good shape go FAST.

(start quote)
From: Illustrated Datsun/Nissan Sports Car Buyer's Guide
by John Matras, publ 1996

91 NXs sold - 5562 60% were NX2000, 50% had ABS, 33% were Auto Trans

92 NXs sold - 9389 58% were NX2000, 72% had T-bar roof
25% had the 'Power' option (pwr wind, door)

93 NXs sold - 7329 only 4% NX2000s !!!???
2014-02-14 01:42:47
Yeah it was always a rumor that only 300 or so 93 NX2000's were sold. Kind of hard to believe that though.
2014-02-14 02:51:14
It is Kinda hard to believe. But it is alot easier to find a 91-92 then it is to find a 93. I also find that the people who bought the 93's kept alot better care of the cars. They normally paid more also. Judging from the ones ive owned. I always notice that the 91-92's just look more raged that are up for sale.

Apparently from reading an article that was written when the 91 came out it was only released/sold in certain bigger states and in a limited production number. Its almost like Nissans goal was to make the car kinda "exsclusive".
2014-02-14 09:35:15
Here's the numbers for Finland

1991: 191 NX1600
1992: 89 NX1600
1993: 48 NX1600
1994: 67 NX1600

As you can see, NX2000 were never offered here. Makes mine kinda rare And I'm VE-swapped, so I'm probably one of a kind in this country
2014-02-17 00:09:19
91 was a popular year over there. Yeesh 191 made! Wow thats alot lol
2014-02-19 02:18:42
Thank you, Johnny! I've been wondering about the numbers since I got my 93 Nx1600, but always forgot to look it up haha
2014-02-19 02:45:10
Lol dont thank me. Thank the people who posted info. I wish we could really comfirm any of these numbers. But I guess itll never happen

I even tried to download or read this "From: Illustrated Datsun/Nissan Sports Car Buyer's Guide by John Matras, publ 1996" But for some reason it didnt work on the computer. Hard to believe numbers with no source quoted. But that info had a source and we know where its from. Somebody make that "book" work online and read it. Maybe they put the source in for the info.

Im just really interested in the numbers...call me an NX nerd...
2014-02-19 02:48:04
Same thing happened with the Sentra, numbers declined steadily each year. It's hard to find a 93 NX200 but even harder to find a 94 SE-R. They're all XE's and LE's or whatever.
2014-02-19 03:00:50
^^Agreed. 1994 just wasn't a great year for Nissans. NX was discontinued; 240sx only had automatics; My favorite Maxima generation ended...
2014-02-19 03:04:52
Is there a thread with the numbers on the sentra SE-R's?
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