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Thread: 3rd Brake light

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2013-11-14 07:09:47
3rd Brake light
So today I went to change the bulbs in my tail light and finally got around to changing the ones in the third brake light, they were both fine so I started looking for the culprit only to find there is no wire running to them. There is a female end on the clip but no male or wires seen anywhere around, both bulbs are fine and I do not think they have ever been used. Is there a specific route the wire goes, I have pulled back the plastic covering and I only saw the wiper motor. I want this thing to work I just would rather not remove the whole hatch to do it.
2013-11-14 12:54:25
That's weird, there should be a connector coming from the same place as the wiper motor. Did you get a really good look at it with a flashlight?

In a worst case scenario, you don't have to remove the whole hatch, but you can run an additional power wire from the taillights brake circuit, into the rubber grommet and fish them up to the top. They all use the same fuse anyway.

Hopefully it's just a hiding connector..
2013-11-14 19:25:54
Here's a pic from the FSM
2013-11-14 20:46:20
When I get off work I will pull it back again and check the harness... starting not to trust my vise grips though.
2013-11-15 05:35:27
I had the same thing, turned out to be that, that part of the cabling, was still taped to the loom.
2013-11-18 21:59:14
Yeah mine was taped to the loom as well, with blue tape. The other night when I was hunting for it, I was looking for a loose wire.
2013-11-19 06:57:35
Fsm= your best friend
2013-11-19 11:04:35
your lucky....my harness is cut between the body and hatch
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