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Thread: NX Registry

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2014-09-22 23:34:45
Not sure if this is being updated anymore but going to throw my info in on my new-to-me Nx.

Forum name/owner: MudPuppy
Prod. M/Y: 3/93
Color:# TJ4 (electric blue)
Int.Color: G
BODY: T-top
TRANS: auto
Purchased from: private seller in DFW, Texas w/126k mi.
Current state: running & driving, stock.

Not sure how many owners it's had, but would love to know.


Forum name/owner: MudPuppy
Prod. M/Y: 7/91
Color:# KH3 (super black)
Int.Color: G
BODY: T-top
TRANS: 5spd
Purchased from: private seller in Arkansas w/123k mi.
Current state: inop.
Power pkg, no rust, delivered to Bluff City Nissan Inc Memphis, Tn

Not sure on the fate of this 1 yet- either repair or parts pig.
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2015-02-12 15:39:11
almost 3 years without and sr20 powered car so i decided to buy a NX that has a salvage title in California that was for export, perfect for an easy fix and a perfect platform for a little project

92' 100300 produced 11/92, Black, SR20DE, 5speed, Hard Top, No A/C No power package, No Rust
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2015-03-31 02:41:08
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
100061. 1992 Black hardtop. Rust free southern survivor. Power windows and locks, no abs,cruise control.

Oh wow! Found my newly acquired Nx2k's twinkie (yes, twin-kie)... just picked up 100060 (92 black t-top).
Might've both came out south on the same truck.
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2015-03-31 15:36:01
what a cool thread!
2015-04-06 17:06:27
1992 Nx1600 w/144k mi
Forum name/owner: unknown -Ebay find
Prod. M/Y:
Color: white
Int.Color: G
BODY: hardtop
TRANS: 5spd
Listed by: private seller
Current state: Arkansas
2015-06-05 03:00:07
Found for sale on craigslist - 1991 Nissan - NX 2000

VIN: JN1GB34CXMU001110**
Reported Mileage: 152,093

Prod. M/Y 01/91
Color :# AH3 (Red Pearl)
Int.Color G (Black)
2019-04-20 21:13:16
101232, ‘92 nx2000, t-tops, veil white, auto, 118k miles :-O power options
2021-09-11 23:50:49
We (me and my husband) (Jessica and Terry Watson) have several nissan nx2000’s
Vin# Year Trans. Color. Top. Owner
200424. 93. 5-speed. Red. T top, Jessica and TA drive everyday
201252. 93. 5-speed. White. Ttop. Jessica and T.A. sits in carport
200600. 93. 5speed. White. T top. Jessica and T.A. Put into a building stored
527028 93 5 speed. White. T top Crushed out by a dear friend who has passed on Wade Michael Taylor Jr.

2022-02-18 07:28:10
Would you be willing to sell one of these? I'm currently on looking for a nice-ish, manual NX2000. Thanks in advance!
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