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Thread: What did you do to your NX today?

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2015-01-18 04:54:07
So when I dropped the car back down to the ground for a test drive after doing my wheelbearings and whatnot ,the rear caliper on the passengers side blew a piston seal and spewed fluid all over the place....so ....
.....I said fuck it,and completely redid my rear brakes...Centric P10 premium rebuilt loaded calipers,and new Duralast rotors.
I took the pic before I remembered the nx has been swapped to 4x114.3 so I had to go get some duralast rotors....The Brembos in the pic are Euro NX rear rotors(same size,but 4x100)
I guess I will just put them away until I am ready to upgrade my B13 rear brakes.

Hopefully I can redo my Z32 fronts soon as well.They are weathered and need some decent pads and a rebuild wouldnt hurt now that the rears are good to go.

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2015-01-18 21:01:11
Installed a JGY 6-puck clutch.

And replaced a few broken connectors.

2015-01-18 23:44:18
got the rear brakes finished up

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2015-01-24 01:18:43
went outside this morning to let it warm up.... was cold, 150A fuse popped.
2015-03-16 00:03:45
What did you do to your NX today?

Jump started it and blew the high beam driver side bulb.....yay.
2015-04-12 03:11:49
Drove it to Portland Auto Swap meet. Drove good but 5th gear kept popping out about 3/4 of the way there but i just put in a b15 tranny back in december so i figured maybe just needed to be adjusted hard to explain but i was at 70 mph let off gas and then stepped on it hard and wont pop out but randomly would just softly fall out, anyways got all the way there in stop and go traffic ran fine then when i went to leave started it right up and put it in neutral let out clutch and it died like i had it it gear but it wont start unless i put the clutch in then i put it in first and it was hard to get in gear and wont move load noise and clunk sound then dies tried all the gears and 1st and 2nd dont go in all the way and 5th wont go in at all and reverse is hard to go put will but car wont move when releasing the clutch and normally i let the clutch out just a little and gear would engage but now its almost all the way out before it tries to engage. I am stumped brand new clutch and b15 tranny swap and new drive axle drove fine last couple months with no problem just bam all of a sudden.... anyone have any ideas .... sorry bout the long story
2015-04-17 00:27:55
Installed EDM Roof Spoiler from @Dala today

2015-04-19 14:35:06
Got new wheels:

Time to put the tires on them:

That's a stack of 205 width R-compounds in the back. These Hoosiers are like a full fifth tire-width of rubber to the ground. I'm going to put 225 R-compounds on the TE37s and keep them as a second set of drys.

Chris Scarpulla's wheels have my rains on them.
2015-04-19 17:18:52
Well I can't look at my nx but I started cleaning up the carbon fiber hatch today
2015-06-09 01:48:42
First I got fancy with some colored heat shrink and did this...

Then I installed this...

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