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Thread: EDM parts requests

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2012-09-28 08:53:40
Yeah, that can definately go in that shipment. Shipping costs for 10 people would probably be around $100/participant.

The spoiler is too big to ship on its own (well, it's possible, but shipping costs would be higher than $100).

Let me know if that's ok.

Also, I'd much rather ship the EDM Sport bumpers as well. I have 1 for the rear, and 3 for the front at the moment (talk about a small fortune in my storage).


This is the same kit as @kdubL has on his electric blue NX.

Moar pics, just because I need the buyers:

2012-09-28 08:59:10
Let me have some information on that shipment or where to send payment/total cost for that spoiler.

Any word on side marker deletes?
2012-09-28 12:06:45
I'm looking for them. I always try to get the ones from the first series of NX' (the grey ones), as the newer ones (93 and later) tend to break more easily).

As for the shipment:

I've started out with shipping out small things like headlamps and such. But eventually, people began asking for bigger parts. Unfortunately, the national postal service has size limits, and above a certain size, I'd have to use FedEx or UPS. However, they tend to calculate shipping costs on estimated weight, so even though a bumper itself would weigh about 25 lbs, UPS/FedEx would calculate shipment costs to be about 150lbs, because the box is so big. Which results in very high shipping costs for 1 bumper (going up and above $500).

I've imported a crate with parts for my Pulsar NX this year, and it surprised me that shipping costs were just 600 euros, or around $800-ish. So that got me thinking, what if I make a crate myself, to ship parts that are too large for regular postage.

At the moment I have had people asking me for a couple of parts, ranging from spoilers and bumpers to complete bonnets and even the front of an Almera for a guy who wants it for his B14. Just like someone did an N14 swap on his B13.

Shipping the spoiler alone would be much more than $100, so this would be the perfect way to get one.

And remember, the more people I have, the cheaper the shipping costs will be.

Of course I'll be charging for just the parts at first. Whenever I know the final shipping costs (+ the costs of the materials for the crate) I will charge for shipping.

Keep in mind that this may take a while, though, since some of the parts are hard to find (for example, the eGT/GT front bumpers of the P10/P11 Primeras).

As for the spoiler itself, it's $180, the sidemarker deletes $75, so total would be $355 shipped (but needs 4% PayPal fees) if the final shipping cost would be $1000 and I have 10 participants. But that amount will probably be less.
I do already have one in my posession, so if you decide that you REALLY want it (and want to wait for the shipment), you can transfer the money. However, it's not needed right now, as I've already have it in my possession, so I need no money to buy it (yes, call me stupid for buying a small fortune of parts when nobody had even asked for them).
2012-09-28 12:50:15
I'd call that smart.
When s*** hits the fan and no more parts are readily available you still have them in storage so... simple principle of supply and demand.

And alright, let me get the money together and ill pm you for payment details in two weeks time.
2012-09-28 13:24:10
Fine by me!

For now:

1 EDM Sport front bumper and the rear bumper reserved for @coach !
2012-09-28 13:27:35
Well I am back to ask about the roof wing is it still going to be 150 + 100 like you told me last time or did it change????
2012-09-28 13:36:49
Oh, did I lower it to 150? Hmm. Fine then. I'll go look for another one. I think I know where to find one, but I'd need the cash before I can buy it. And yes, +100 (or less) for shipping through the group shipment, depending on #participants. Also, I'd be needing some cash for the crate itself

At the moment, both you and @Sentraga want one. I don't care who will pay first, but I can't get the second one before someone does. You 2 might want to discuss that, though.
2012-09-28 13:42:01
What's the time frame for shipping it all out to the US aka deadline for the money
2012-09-28 14:16:16
Haha, sorry, can't answer that yet, I've got a few people wanting parts that are scarce, even over here (namely eGT and GT bumpers of the P10/P11). It might take me a few months before I'm able to get everything. Also, I need to find somewhere to store the parts, haha.

However, if either of you can send me the money as soon as possible, then I can get that second roof spoiler. I'm not sure how long it stays available, and I don't really have the luxury to spend some of my own money at the moment. Just the price for the spoiler will do, the final shipping costs will be calculated right before I ship everything.
2012-09-28 16:30:08
Come on guys, I have 2 more EDM Sport front bumpers! Jump in, and take advantage of this chance! I don't think I'll be doing it a second time!
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