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Thread: EDM parts requests

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2011-06-22 09:03:21
Any requests whatsoever?

I'm not gonna do this for much longer, if I haven't sold any of the bigger parts in a couple of months, I'm putting them back up for sale locally. I won't get more after that. I might still sell some of the smaller parts, but no bodykits anymore. KdubL, seems like you'll still be the only one with a full EDM kit :P.
2011-06-23 04:31:26
Any luck with the antenna?
2011-06-23 06:03:25
Found one, but there's some cracks:

Let me know!
2011-06-24 07:06:19
^Broken plastic.....Give me a price.I can also wait to see if you find something more mintish...
2011-06-24 14:43:48
What have you got for front bumpets??
2011-06-24 17:46:41
Can I get a quote on just a front, a front and a rear, 2 fronts and 2 rears, and just 2 fronts? Shipped? Do I get cheaper shipping to a commercial location?
2011-06-24 18:48:29
Originally Posted by nissan
What have you got for front bumpets??

At the moment I have 2 Nissan Sport Front bumper covers, you can see what it looks like here:


I can get one or 2 MS Designs front bumper lips (attach to the lower airdam):

They are both damaged, though, but can be fixed with some elbowgrease.

Originally Posted by valonesr20
Can I get a quote on just a front, a front and a rear, 2 fronts and 2 rears, and just 2 fronts? Shipped? Do I get cheaper shipping to a commercial location?

See prices in the first post.

I currently have 2 fronts, and 1 rear available. The other rear I have is for my own NX. I can search for more parts, but it would require you to pay first, before I get the parts. I'm not buying them from my own money anymore, only to hear that the person lost interest. Currently, I have quite some parts, which are worth a heap of money. But all the buyers canceled.

As for shipping: As I'm not a company, my choices are limited to FedEx and UPS (only ones that will ship bigger shipments). I've done an estimate once (read through the entire thread to find specifics), and shipping a package this big will be around $500-700, IIRC. HOWEVER, and here's the twist, it doesn't matter if the package is 20 pounds, 40 pounds or 100 pounds, because of it's calculated weight (based on the dimensions), I can easily ship 3-4 bumpers in the same box, for the same price.

For 1 person it's still a lot of money, but when multiple buyers combine their shipment, the costs drop dramatically.
2011-07-22 08:59:25
Okay, I'm putting up the bigger parts (2x EDM Sport front bumper, 1x EDM Sport rear bumper, EDM Sport roofspoilers) up for sale locally.

I'm not sure how fast they will sell, but I need the money now. It saddens me that there was quite some interest for these, but nobody ever stepped up (aside from Kleensleeper, who bought the skirts from me).

I'm not gonna do this again, at least not with the bumpers. The headlights and smaller stuff will still be available, albeit only on request and payment up front.
2011-07-22 16:09:37
Good! EDM parts were a hot commodity back in the day. I'm sure they would have sold very quickly. It's too bad that when a resource (you) finally steps to the plate, there are no interests in these parts.

I personally want to thank you for all your time and effort
2011-07-25 03:41:56
Bump for MOJO......Get your EDM parts while you can people.
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