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Thread: Custom Part Ideas

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2009-09-01 04:19:28
Custom Part Ideas
Alright this is the deal guys, i'm currently in a 2 year Metal Fabrication/Welding program at my local Technical College so I have access to all there equipment (laser, water jet, roller, shear, press, brake, welders, saws, tube bender, maybe some cnc's etc...) Anyways while I have access to all this stuff I might as well design and produce some parts for are cars. I have a bunch of stuff I have to do for my classes before I can go nuts on side projects but hopefully it won't take to long (hoping to start side projects in November).

Now the reason i'm telling you guys this is because I want your input on what parts I should try designing and then making for are cars. I should be able to do almost anything out of steel for now and maybe stainless or aluminum later depending on how well I become at welding those materials. Forget about strut bars and parts that companies already make, give me ideas for parts that aren't out there yet that could be useful.
2009-09-01 06:31:25
Always down for some custon VE and DE spark plug covers
2009-09-01 11:16:36
Intake Manifold for de.
Half Cages
Stainless steel Air Boxes/heat sheilding for Pod Filters and intakes etc. with opening for piping. Designed for the DE and VE.
Under-body bracing for NX, etc.
Mandrel bent cat back exhaust systems: 2.25", 2.5", 3". Suit DE and VE model cars e.g NX, sentra, others.

All ideas, just putting them out there.
2009-09-01 14:28:49
DE throttle body to VE throttle body adaptor
Rear parcel shelf pivot/pins (they are plastic and break on ours, we used to have a dude who made them, don't anymore

2009-09-01 17:20:16
Good ideas guys keep them coming!!
I would like to try to stay away from bigger things like partial cages or full exhaust systems since it would take more time to do then smaller items.

Next semester I could attempt a intake manifold but I doubt my aluminum welding skills will be good enough for that yet.
2009-09-03 16:30:33
even cooler is if you can do these anodized
2009-09-03 16:41:09
actually, something that allows us to use my cruise control on my VE!!!
2009-09-03 16:58:04
want something really custom? an Idle air control valve relocation unit so I can get my fat hands at the stupid thing. lol!
2009-09-03 17:01:40
I know some people would be interested in a master cylinder brace. There's been talk and design theory throughout the years and I swear one guy was going to start making them and had a bunch of people excited. Not sure what ever happened to that.
2009-09-11 00:21:53
Yeah not a bad idea, i remember the thread as well but i dont think anything happened with it.
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