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Thread: NX2000 Awd Conversion

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2009-03-22 04:51:29

Replaced valve cover gasket. All the internals are stock and they appear to be in good shape.

You will need to use a Gti-r down pipe or custom make one to clear the drive shaft.

The down pipe comes fairly close to the sub frame. Any bigger size then stock and you will have to modify the sub frame for clearance.

I centered and leveled my drive shaft then tacked it to the body so I could drill my holes for mounting.

The mounting brackets on the drive shaft rotate so I cut out a section of the passenger floor to allow it to sit up high enough.

Now that the drive shaft is good to go you can see where the sub frame needs to be mounted. Once I widen the frame rails I will be able to drill my holes and bolt it in place.

Here is another reason to purchase a Gti-r shift linkage for the conversion. It sits much higher up underneath which allows clearance for the drive shaft.

2009-03-22 04:54:47
Its looking awesome man!
2009-03-22 05:05:38
I no longer need my 3" down pipe so its for sale. Has about 1500 miles of use. Bolted right up to my 02 housing on my T25. My car was extremely low so there is a dent pictured below from a bump. $175 shipped in the US SOLD

2009-03-22 16:09:05
I must say, well done! Indeed.

I've been into these cars for a long time now and from the beginning the perennial questions about AWD conversions have been the source of much aggravation and annoyance in the community for the simple fact that it was always possible, but hadn't been done.

I realize that it's been done before (I think just on that one converted B13 SE-R, right?), but there was never a detailed writeup or even much information on the car. You, on the other hand, are providing a very detailed writeup accompanied with (good) photos of everything. Bravo! It's truly entertaining to watch this come together.

Thanks, keep up the good work!


PS - There's one more bit of GTi-R that I think your car needs to finish it off: welding in the door-pocket umbrella holster for extra points...
2009-03-22 16:27:48
lol on the umbrella pocket
2009-03-22 16:29:32
lol, those umbrella's are expenive
2009-03-22 19:12:10
and they're no longer produced, unfortunately the umbrella in my gti-r was not present when i bought mine.
2009-03-23 22:54:25
very good work man, many have talked the talk, but you are certainly walking the walk.......if you need some quick pics of the undercarriage of my pulsar let me know
2009-03-24 02:39:19
2009-03-24 04:50:44

Worked on filling in the holes I cut in the floor for the drive shaft. Made my box, welded it in place then drilled my hole. After you drill your hole you can put the bolt in and finger tighten the drive shaft up. Once its finger tight you can weld it in place. This way the bolt will be the correct way when its bolted in place.

Had to modify the passenger seat bracket a bit. You can still get all 3 bolts in but the 3rd one won't really do a lot anymore.

On the driver side you just have to drill your hole and then get it down to bare metal so you can weld the bolt in place.

I picked up some 3M seam sealer to go over top of all my welds inside the car with.

I’ll have to try to kick it up a couple notches and get a lot more done in a day. Doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much lately.
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