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Thread: NX2000 Awd Conversion

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2009-06-08 10:49:19
QUOTE=ashtonsser;249657]congratulations man, cant wait to see the thing in action. Take your time fixing the things necessary and then definetly get us some vids, maybe even going through a puddle and a nice 4 wheel spin/launch, haha


x2 ^ been following this thread for awhile awsome build. and from one fab guy to another. there are some pretty trick parts you built. good luck sorting out the bugs.
2009-06-08 17:59:44
thanks, i still need to make a sway bar for the front and rear but those aren't necessary parts at the moment.
2009-06-08 18:06:05
lol thats probably why it bounces around alot, without the sway bar thats exactly how it feels. Just like when my buddies bushings completely disentigrated on his front sway bar end links the car bounced around soo much and felt soo unstable.

You might really want to get that done and i bet you that would fix most of the issues with the ride of the car.
2009-06-08 19:33:52
I have to get a bender first before I can make them, i'm sure I will see a improvement after the alignment is done.
2009-06-08 19:53:55
glad to see its alive... !! work them bugs out man and get a vid! hood time is almost near lol
2009-06-08 20:24:30
I went to my local advance auto parts and had them order me up a g20 rear caliper. Supposly someone was able to get a g20 caliper to work on the rear of a Gti-r so I will be trying that tomorrow once it arrives.
2009-06-08 21:27:07
^^ P10, Maxima and GTIR use the same rear pads. the P10 and GTIR has a smaller profile over the Maxima. i Think that was the only difference IIRC.
2009-06-10 06:32:38
I ordered up a 92 Infinity G20 rear caliper to replace my seized up Gti-r caliper in the rear. For all you Gti-r owners its a direct swap. When ordering you do need to order the opposite caliper of the one your replacing for it to fit. So if the gti-r caliper says R (Right) then order up a G20 caliper that says L (Left). The G20 calipers come with new sliders and hardeware as well for $100 each.
2009-06-10 07:23:08
Curious, are they the same as NX rear brakes?
2009-06-10 07:29:20
nope the calipers & pads are different and the gti-r rotors are unique in there own way. The NX calipers are smaller
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