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Thread: NX2000 Awd Conversion

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2009-05-07 15:52:22
2009-05-08 05:55:50

Braided fuel lines arrived today. I plan on running these lines on the inside as well.

Subframe is now bolted in as well as the brace for the last time. Made sure to change the diff fluid before mounting.

You can barely see it a bit in this picture but I cut a piece of 1/8 thick rubber to put between the brace and the floor.

Just a couple under shots

Car is back on the ground for the night. My tires are all flat at the moment so tomorrow I will fill them back up and post the ground clearance.

Tomorrow I will pull the engine back out so I can finish up the things I want to on it before I start wiring
2009-05-08 12:54:26
looking real nice!
2009-05-08 19:52:29

Made a new float so my fuel gauge would read correctly with the new tank.

Walbro 255lph pump is now installed.

Started taking the engine out but hopefully I have time tonight to finish. Now as far as ground clearance I currently have 5 in front & 5 1/2 in back. I'm use to running real low and watching for pot holes but I will more then likely adjust my supension so it sits a bit higher.
2009-05-08 19:58:32
man you dont took out that motor like 3 times already! lol. i dont have the patience for that
2009-05-08 20:13:25
I think it was alot more than 3. LOL Coming along nicely nick. give me a call if you want to come and see what i have laying around at the shop for intercooler piping.
2009-05-08 20:19:41
lol, I think i'm up to 6 times.

My Brake Kit just arrived , thanks cheema

Fastbrakes 11" kit with 4 piston wilwood calipers
2009-05-08 21:29:19
awesome work, coming along very nicely, sooooo close to being completed. Cant wait.
2009-05-08 23:03:28
that means you should be able to pull it out in about a hour now right? lol. its takes me about 2 by myself
2009-05-09 07:58:47
Originally Posted by jen36
that means you should be able to pull it out in about a hour now right? lol. its takes me about 2 by myself

It took around 20-30 mins but all I had to do was connect the chain for the picker and then disconnect all 5 mounts.
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