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Thread: * The Official NX picture thread *

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2008-01-21 03:21:20
Originally Posted by gtir

my first nx. saphire blue. my dad smashed the windshield completely in so i had to junk it. the body was pretty rough too

my current car. it was so beautiful when i first bought it. ripped the lip off and broke the fog light pushin it up on a dollie. one of my wheels fell off to. so its missin a fender and engineless right now. blew the ring lands out of a piston so its on to bigger and better things now. these pics were takin a couple weeks after i swapped it. looks like hell

Did you seriously cut your hood up like that and just leave it?
2008-01-21 06:31:35
i sure did.. my buddy owned the saphire nx and swapped it... drove it like that for a month. i traded a real nice 1g talon for it. i rocked it for a couple weeks. my dad destroyed my windshield then i bought the electric blue nx and swapped it and used the saphire hood so i didnt have to cut up my good hood. drove it like that for a few months til i front mounted it. we used to have our local meets from our racing site and SERIOUSLY a few people i heard askin why it had a radiator mounted on the engine...... f'in tards. when it rained i just put the piece of hood that was cutout on top of the ic... never had a problem with it. definately a head turner especially in an NX.... wtf is an nx those pics are a year and a half old. i dont have a camera so i dont have any recent shots
2008-01-23 03:44:43
Originally Posted by SinisterSntra91
Am I too late to join?

The way the motor looks currently not finished yet..

The best NX I've ever seen, I mean EVER!! Great job man!
2008-01-24 01:33:13
top two pics are of the cars current form.

i'm done whoring. you get the idea
2008-01-25 02:51:16
Nice! I like.
2008-01-26 06:00:36
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper


2008-02-11 00:35:52
Some pics I took today...

2008-02-19 21:50:29
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Baddest NX on this forum.

Stratton....I definitely second that...HOLY SH*T!!!!!!
2008-02-20 01:13:41
^ thanks.

heres a shot of my daily driver, n/a full bolted, full gc suspension with agx's, roll cage and a slew of other goodies. she now sits on beat up oem nx rims.

2008-04-24 05:33:10
Bump this thread.

Test fitment.New lip...
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