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Thread: * The Official NX picture thread *

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2008-01-17 02:59:56
Originally Posted by STRATTON


I've always digged your E-blue egg! part of the reason I got one...That, and the fact that the NX is pure sex!!! very clean!

edit: I want to bite that sticker
2008-01-18 05:53:57
Originally Posted by XxToKeSxX
I call BS! I'm callin you out! Where's the reaaaal pics at! Open that hood!

to be honest, I can't wait to drive it. It will be more comfortable and quieter than my daily i think! Cushy soft with all that sound deadening and foam padding!!!! HEHEHE!

2008-01-18 06:07:41
Originally Posted by STRATTON
thank you, nx's are sexy cars to begin with.

im picking up another one this weekend ! i think i have ocd when it comes to b13's its all i can see my self driving.



I want your hood..
2008-01-18 13:40:16
Originally Posted by STRATTON


Strat, your car looks sad....see the resemblence >>>>>

2008-01-18 16:22:53
or high
2008-01-19 17:10:32
Originally Posted by kdubL
or high

2008-01-20 21:39:26
Originally Posted by Tearoffguy
hey guys I got a few pic's of my Eggs I'll get some good ones soon ,, just got a good camara

here is a pic after the KYB AGX Hyperco's

2008-01-20 21:50:02
^Ever considered painting your calipers? I painted mine just because of how much the 4 spoke wheels make the brakes show.
2008-01-21 00:38:42

my first nx. saphire blue. my dad smashed the windshield completely in so i had to junk it. the body was pretty rough too

my current car. it was so beautiful when i first bought it. ripped the lip off and broke the fog light pushin it up on a dollie. one of my wheels fell off to. so its missin a fender and engineless right now. blew the ring lands out of a piston so its on to bigger and better things now. these pics were takin a couple weeks after i swapped it. looks like hell
2008-01-21 03:15:44
Originally Posted by AaroNX
^Ever considered painting your calipers? I painted mine just because of how much the 4 spoke wheels make the brakes show.

yes I'm glad brought that up.......I have some callies on the way because I need to replace one,, and I will paint them to match the car atleast as close as I can.... thanks for the insight
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