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Thread: Spotted thread with Pics!

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2010-12-29 04:30:29
spotted in Corona queens all lucino'ed out with a side exhaust sweet
2010-12-29 04:33:49
Caught this one in Brooklyn

2010-12-29 04:36:40
this guy lives where i live haven't spoken to him as of yet but soon i just moved in

2010-12-29 12:53:45
Spotted a red NX and a modded b13 sentra (not sure if it was an SE-R) this morning, where Rte. 32 meets Rte. 2 in Norwich, CT area at like 6:45 a.m. The Sentra was darkish grey, maybe black and pretty dirty. I was hoping to play a little bit to liven up the commute but didn't get a chance. Not sure if the NX and the Sentra were together by coincidence or not. Hope to meet ya on the road again!
2011-01-20 00:15:38
Sorry, no pics, but I saw a black classic at school in Buffalo today with a tsuru front end and circuit 10 wheels. Drivers side fender had some damage, but other than that looked like a nice car. Anyone on here?
2011-02-19 17:16:01
I just spotted a black b13 on a dolly getting towed by Tahoe. It was on the South bound of i295 near the rt73 exit.
2011-03-23 03:01:16
Originally Posted by projectmk3
(best buy /homedepot parking lot)

on union ave. in holbrook/ronkonkoma area

(cable vision parking lot in islandia.....talk about carb lol)


The white b13 used to live by me he had a huge ass tach on the dash lol he tried running me a while ago im pretty sure it still has a GA in it [/img]
2011-04-03 05:38:05

Spotted this car at dubs on defrost. That car and mine were the only B13's invading dub territory, lol.
2011-04-09 13:02:29
just spotted a grey ish either se or se-r no wing clean ass hell with a roll cage on merritt pkw!
2011-04-30 03:40:00
just spotted a black g20 outside my house, hold on thats mine lol
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