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Thread: West Chester PA.??? Anyone near?

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2014-05-16 01:38:58
West Chester PA.??? Anyone near?
Anyone live close to or in West Chester PA? Quick question if you do.
2014-05-16 08:13:14
2014-05-16 12:20:31
Hello. I drive passed old West Chester each day I commute to work. I did not see this since PA is in the Mid-Atlantic section. What's up?
2014-05-16 13:03:57
Wow. I was off on area but I live in FL so anyway. Faulkner GMC 705 Autopark Blvd 19382. There is a 1999 G20 Clean!!!! But I dont want to fly up and drive it back if it's not worth it. I was woundering if someone can take a look for me. Im concerned about Rust!!!! Salesman over the phone doesn't think I know about cars and tried to pull "O, the snow here it's not like NY or anything and this car is good."

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2014-05-16 13:12:48
Hey whats your price range on the g20. I can keep an eye out for you locally( I am between Orlando and Ocala.)
Also what a bout a p10...or you only like P11?
2014-05-16 13:31:51
No real price range. I need a 4 door (family) so my Egg is not cutting it as a second vehicle. A P11 is better looking and newer than the p10 and I also have to sell my wife on it (you know how that is). It keeps me in the SR family without her knowing and drop the DET in it from my Egg eventually. It would have to be a really clean clean car if you know of and find one. This one is really nice. Plus I can get it whole sale because my friend is a dealer and he will fly up and drive it back for $200.

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2014-05-16 14:23:23
I'll try to see if I can fit it into my schedule this weekend and report back later.
2014-05-16 20:56:47
Thank u so much looking forward to hearing from u

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2014-05-17 16:20:16
I went and looked at it today. Only about 6 miles from me so it was a pleasant drive.

Rust is forming on both rear wheel wells. Bubbles on the inside. All door jams are free of rust Drivers side quarter has rust exposed. A nice dent on the front left quarter panl at the crease so it cannot be popped out. The antenna was broken off sometime after the pictures were taken and today since it was broken when I saw it. Rear tires are low but pass my states inspection. The interior was fairly clean, I could not smell anything offensive because they detailed it and whatever they used it what it smelled like. There were two spots that appear like water soaking in the headliner. A look underneath the car, the oil pan is soaked with some kind of wetness, either oil or P/S fluid if it was spray that way. The power steering fluid container was less than 1/5 of the way full, way below the cold min hash mark. Lots of rust on the front radiator support and a small nick of rust forming at the front of the hood, just under the grille.

Onto the actual ignition of the car. Starts over fine, the engine was not rocking about so mounts seem good. There is a gawd awful compressor whine during any and all enigne operation indicating the clutch or compressor itself are toast. They did disclose to me and claimed it was a $900 repair job before they gave me a key to look at it. I have never heard any SR20-powered car with accessories working make this noise. Very loud and very annoying. The engine free revved smoothly. I did not drive it because I was rather disappointed and the salesman there do not care about a $3,000 car. Valve cover gasket was shot, the transmission was covered in some kind of fluid but has been getting dry. Maybe the clutch slave cylinder is/was leaking, I dunno.

Overall, I would say this is not worth a squirrel fart over $2000, let alone a plane flight up here.

I got to drive my B13 so win for me! Old cars for the win.

The car fax was clean with three owners. First in NJ and 2nd and 3rd owners resided in PA.
2014-05-17 16:24:37
yikes sounds like a typical NE bucket to me.
The OP needs to find a FL car ...hes in FL anyway.It seems silly to buy one from the rust belt if you ask me.
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