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Thread: 2013 Nissan/Infiniti Shootout @ Atco Raceway

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2013-07-06 00:42:29
2013 Nissan/Infiniti Shootout @ Atco Raceway
Just curious who is going to this? It's supposed to be a great time...

2013 Nissan Infiniti Shootout
2013-07-06 01:42:56
I'll be there.
2013-07-06 02:57:34
Re: 2013 Nissan/Infiniti Shootout @ Atco Raceway
I shot this event last year... hoping to fit it into my schedule again this year. Its definitely a good event and it would be nice to see a few more sr20s out there making the non-gtr's look silly

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2013-07-06 03:06:59
In on this. I was there last year, I do not believe I will participate but I sure will be there.
2013-07-07 02:38:07
I'll surely be there, Depending on how my G20 is running at the time will determine if I will participate in the racing or just be there for the show
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2013-07-07 05:40:23
Oh another GTR shootout? Lol

ill be there dominating shit.
2013-07-08 00:58:40
the only thing your dominating is the concession stand im coming out to play
2013-07-08 01:36:22
There isn't anything wrong with the concession stand, depending on how hot it is that day I'd rather be at the concession stand pounding a brewski than all wrapped up in a fire jacket, helmet, with the windows up sweating my balls off.... But regardless I think the event itself will be awesome to attend...
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2013-07-08 04:01:22
You aint ready Alex! I hope @SE-Rican makes it so he can get his shit smacked up too
2013-07-08 13:47:51
Event was great last year. We need more people to come tho. Hopefully I get my car running again!!
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