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Thread: Who KNOWS calumRT and tunes near NH?

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2013-06-06 12:38:25
Who KNOWS calumRT and tunes near NH?
Anyone? Just like the title says....maybe willing to spend a day, or half day, with me in my passenger seat and give me a solid street tune?

I dropped money on a dyno tune last year and the shops wideband was not calibrated properly, leaving me with a rich ass tune. That and the guy only really messed with the fuel maps. I only JUST learned how to adjust the rpm scale and adjusted it myself. It use to Max at 6800 rpm. Obviously the tuner didn't know about that having assured me he was familiar with TunerPro.

Needless to say my tune is whack. I've recently installed an OEM style muffler which has quieted down my car but ALSO fattened my AFRs just that much more. Anyone wanna help? Lunch is on me! :-)
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2013-06-08 13:26:52
Nobody!? It's been years since I've been a super active participant here but sheesh, what happened to this place? Everyone driving a Subaru now? Shoot! 44 views and no response, that sucks.
2013-06-08 13:35:22
Not sure how far are you from Ct but I would hit up @marksr20.
2013-06-08 16:13:54
Shit is going downhill man.
2013-06-08 18:08:14
Marsh Tuning. If u haven't hurd of him then u haven't been on here enough. Your not gonna find anyone in the Northeast other then Jamie.
Good luck.

Just so u know u haven't gotten a response cus everyone is at the convention this weekend.
2013-06-09 02:51:33
Downhill? :-(
Last time I was around here, BenFenner had decided to part ways :-( he stil MIA?
I've heard of marsh tuning, sure. Been on "the other forum" a lot longer than the dash. Even though I've "only" been here since '08.
Manny, back when I was real active around here I had some connects in CT. Wonder if he's part of the same group.
Ahhhh, convention. That makes sense.

Thanks for the input guys :-) more is always welcome!
2013-06-11 23:10:31
you might be able to get setzer to do it but hes either workin or sleepin normally... worth a try though, someones gotta get that kid out to play
2013-06-11 23:24:58
hahaha you mean the bitch ass hater?! pete is driving a denali and sleeping in the back of b14s
2013-06-12 00:04:11
I can take care of it.

PM me
2013-06-14 03:33:19
@Setzer? Wake up! :-D
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