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Thread: Hurricane!

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2012-10-30 01:49:05
Just lost power. Winds are really whipping.
2012-10-30 01:54:16
Sucks, Hank.

I hope everyone stays safe!
2012-10-30 01:57:57
lol at the sharks swimming through NJ streets and homes. hahaha.

Hopefully Strat was dumb enough to take his jeep out in the thing. We could only hope.
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2012-10-30 02:28:04
8:15 power drop twice in 15 seconds and came back on. Watched "Christine" with the kids. The boy LOVED it.

9:15 major gust, I heard a noise upstairs, FM antenna flew off the chimney cap. Shingles on the deck and in the back yard. Not sure if they're mine, but I think so.

Third glass of wine since 7:00. Power just dropped and came back. Major gusting as I type. Over.
2012-10-30 02:31:27

Too thin to be Snooky. Must be a shark.
2012-10-30 04:17:23
Picture was apparently a photoshop....oh well. Still funny though
2012-10-30 06:44:41
My yard looks like a battle ground here in south Jersey. Wind is still blowing hard but the worst has passed. Rumor has it two houses down the street were destroyed by large trees. We have some massive trees in our yard so we are all sleeping in the basement. High enough not to worry about flooding but i know a few miles away people are losing everything. Now if i could just fall asleep.

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2012-10-30 08:38:46
I hope this goes away soon i use to live in wildwood nj. So i know what could be happening thier ..but all take care please good night
2012-10-30 11:26:27
The generator is fired and purring like kitten. The basics are operational. Frig, TV, Interweb, a few lights, the coffee maker and the hot water heater. I can fire the wood burner if it starts the get chilly. A quick accessment with a flash light tells me we got off light. A few small branches in the yard and a whole bunch of wet leaves plastered everywhere. It's still too dark to see the roof for shingle loss, but I think i'm okay. My guess is the neighborhood will have a lot of downed trees. Over all, not as bad as I expected.

The folks at the Jersey Shore got hammered, though. When the sun comes up I'm sure we'll all be seeing the damage on the tv. I think NYC and LI got hammered, as well. Reports are saying it could be 2 or more weeks before they get power restored up there!
2012-10-30 11:33:35
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
lol at the sharks swimming through NJ streets and homes. hahaha.

"Honey, the sharks are rumaging through the trash again"
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