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Thread: 1994 nissan sentra limited edition (LE-R)

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2012-08-04 21:09:10
1994 nissan sentra limited edition (LE-R)
No FS ads in Regional sections. I'll PM you the contents of the ad so you can paste it into a new thread in the Cars for Sale section.

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2012-08-05 03:58:45
I know you didnt want a response, but man your close to completion. Trust me the 94 is a real pain in the ass, but its rewarding once its running. If i had the chance i would snag it in a heartbeat. Good luck. If you decide to part it out, give me a heads up. I can make several of those parts come home with me.
2012-08-05 08:33:14
is the car running rite now with the ga?
2012-08-05 20:41:38
no i needed a tranny for the ga it couldnt find it figured im gonna go sr down the rd. anyway the plan was to buy everything together then the guy with the tranny flaked on me and now im in this f'd up situation so i gotta sell the car by august 31st.
2012-08-05 21:37:56
I am seriously interested in it all. I need to see what finances i can work out. Its about a 7 hour ride one way ( i was just in queens last month). If texting works better my number is 814-715-0203

Thanks Scott
2012-08-05 23:09:58
pics of rust? How much just for the shell?..dont need the rims either...
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